Cookie And Lucious Lyon Halloween Costume

Cookie and Lucious Lyon Halloween Costume Ideas

Cookie and Lucious lyon are the stars of the hit FOX series Empire. The show centers on the Lyon family, including Lucious (Terrence Howard) and their three children, Andre, Jamal and Hakeem.

While the family’s fame is centered on the music industry, Cookie’s fashion sense has also earned her a spot among FOX’s most stylish characters. Her wardrobe is a fusion of opulence and glamour, which she’s used to great effect to portray her character’s unwavering sexiness.

Whether she’s sporting furs or animal prints, Cookie Lyon is always dressed to the nines. Her ostentatious ensembles are a surefire way to attract the attention of everyone around her.

Wearing a bright red and purple coat, Cookie looks like she’s ready to rock a costume party at Time Nightclub in Chicago on Halloween weekend. But her sexy style isn’t just limited to the stage: She can put together an equally impressive outfit in front of the mirror, too.

Her most memorable costume is a leopard print dress and thigh-high boots, but her more casual looks are just as chic. The actress has been known to wear a variety of other furs and animal prints, and she’s even paired them with skin-tight dresses for some dramatic impact.

The show’s costume designer Rita McGhee has outlined the inspiration behind Cookie and Lucious’ looks in a recent interview with The Observer. She explains that her inspiration comes from “the mafia and crime bosses, who are often rich, royal and elegant.”

If you’re looking to channel Cookie this season, you’ll want to add these pieces to your closet. They’re perfect for a power stance, and will set you apart from the rest of your crowd.

A black and white bow-tie makes this suit stand out from the crowd and gives it a timeless feel. It’s the kind of classic look that never goes out of style, and it shows Lucious’ confidence and class.

Another classic look is his turtleneck, which he wears in a number of ways throughout the show. Adding a patterned scarf in an interesting color is an even better choice. Its embellished design adds a touch of class to this otherwise simple outfit, and it can be worn with anything.

He also wore a blue turtleneck, which is a trend that has become very popular this fall. Adding a gold neck tie and sunglasses to this ensemble is a very good way to make this outfit a winner.

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