Coquillos Olives

Coquillos Olives – The Marmite of Olives

These Italian olives, typically salt or brine cured, make an elegant addition to salads and marinades alike, and pair perfectly with green and black olives in tapenade recipes.

These small brown or black olives with sweet flavors make an essential component of the classic Salad Nicoise salad, and can also be found as tapas, antipasti, or any Mediterranean recipe.

Early Life and Education

Olives are like Marmite for fruit: either you love them or hate them! Unfortunately, most olives found at our deli counters have been pasteurised and marinated with additives; however, some outstanding unprocessed olives exist: Spain’s coquillos make an ideal substitute for French Nicoise olives while Morocco offers black Taggiasca olives are excellent choices too.

Coquillos are small dark purple olives with a sweet and juicy olive flavour, commonly used as an alternative to French Nicoise olives due to their similar latitude of growth and limited availability. Add them to salads, grain bowls or chopped for tapenades for a flavorful pop! Savor their mouthwatering flavors of smoky earth combined with fruit notes when harvesting these hand-harvested olives by hand from their tree; pair these bite-size morsels with aged sheep’s milk cheese and bold red wines for best results!

Professional Career

DELIEUZE was established as a family business in 1845 and specializes in marketing olives under both Delieuze and St-Jean brands. Due to a shortage of locally produced olives in France, they began sourcing raw materials from Algeria first and Morocco later as their raw material suppliers.

Nicoise-style Coquillos olives are pitted and dark-skinned pitted olives cured in natural sea salt brine, providing deliciously succulent flavors of smoky earthiness that blends beautifully with notes of bright fruit. Perfect for salads, antipasti, tapas – especially Salade Nicoise – antipasti platters and tapas; perfect pairing with aged sheep’s milk cheese and bold red wines as well. You can eat them alone or even use them in sandwich toppings that include heirloom tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, capers and hard-boiled egg.

Personal Life

Arnaud family olives have been made available commercially since 1890 and for three generations they have been curing them without the use of vinegar or other additives in order to maintain flavor and texture of its olives.

These pitted coquillos (coe-kee-ohs) are pitted and then cured in a Nicoise-style natural sea salt brine for maximum flavor and contrast between earthy notes of smokey earthiness, combined with notes of bright fruitiness – perfect for salads such as Salade Nicoise or as an afternoon snack!

These olives are traditionally used in tapenade recipes combining tomatoes and anchovies, while they’re an excellent alternative to French Nicoise olives typically found in Salad Nicoise dishes. Allergens: Olives, water, sunflower oil, salt, thyme of Provence (thymus of Provencale), citric acid.

Net Worth

these hand harvested olives combine succulent flavors of earthy smoke with bright fruit notes for an irresistibly delicious blend. Coquillos olives from Southern Spain are a delicious substitute to French Nicoise olives in Salade Nicoise recipes, providing delicious bites of flavorful earth.

Barral Andalusian olives are a traditional staple at tapa bars and pair beautifully with aged sheep’s milk cheeses, piquant aged blue or bold red wines, fresh heirloom tomatoes or pasta salads.

Olives are prepared using a Nicoise-style natural brine fermentation process with water, salt and citric acid for optimal flavoring. This rich brine produces a complex flavor profile which works wonderfully when combined with rich cheeses such as aged goat’s milk manchego or aged goat cheese and anchovy or tuna for use in Salad Nicoise.

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