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Love After Lockup – Josh and Courtney Get Married in Prison

The popular WE tv television series Love After Lockup is back with a new season. It’s a reality television show that follows couples on their path to the altar. This new season features six new couples. One of them is Josh and Courtney, who got married in prison.

Before a relationship with inmate Josh was revealed, Courtney was working as a corrections lieutenant. However, when Courtney discovered the relationship, she was fired. Since she was working as a corrections officer, it was illegal to date inmates. She also lost her job and had to endure a lot of hardships. But despite these difficulties, Courtney was captivated by Josh.

When they first met, they were intrigued by each other. They even joked about mixing chemistry in the lab. In fact, Courtney found some of Josh’s writings, which she searched in the cells. As a result, she took a no-contact order against him. At first, she thought that he was just a harmless sweetheart. Eventually, she realized that he was involved in domestic violence.

The two fell in love, but Courtney had to give up her job to keep her relationship with Josh alive. This was a tad confusing for Josh, who was expecting to be alone once he was released. He was appreciative of the time Courtney spent with him. But he was still worried about what it would be like to go back to the outside world and live on his own.

After the court found that he was guilty of the crimes, he was sentenced to 30 days in jail and costs. Although he served some of his time in prison, he is now on probation. While on probation, he cannot be around Courtney. Now, he is worried about Courtney’s love life. Nevertheless, he hopes to cherish every moment they spend together.

Besides Courtney, the couple is still facing many hurdles. For one, Courtney is on probation for two years. Despite this, she isn’t afraid to talk about the traumas of her childhood. There’s a bit of a mystery as to how they became so connected. On the other hand, Josh is a born-again virgin, so he’s not exactly sure what to expect.

Another issue is that they are married by proxy. That’s because Courtney didn’t know that her husband, Josh, was an inmate. Fortunately, he had a friend who picked him up from the prison.

The couple still has a long way to go, though. Not only are they stuck on probation, but they are not allowed to stay in each other’s homes. Furthermore, Courtney is not allowed to work while on probation. Therefore, the couple is going to have to figure out how to adjust to the lifestyle on the outside.

Love After Lockup will air on Friday nights at 9/8c. WeTV continues to be the number one network for Friday night shows for Black adults and women in 2021. Season 3 will return on June 18. Also, we’ll be getting updates on couples from previous seasons.

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