Covo Dog

Covo Dog Lounge

The Covo Dog Lounge is a stylish piece of furniture that can be used by small dogs. Designed by interior designer and architect Uta Cossman, this unique dog bed is easy to fit in tight spaces. The cushioned design is specially engineered to support your dog’s spine and body. It is easy to clean and maintain with its removable fabric cover. The Covo is also extremely durable. It comes in four colors, and can be made from different wood types.

The Covo dog bed features a specially designed foam cushion for your dog. The cover is removable and washable. The Covo is compatible with a raised dog feeder by dogBar. The veneer may vary in colour. For extra comfort, Covo is available in different sizes. Covo’s dog bed can hold up to two small dogs and is made from high-quality materials. Its unique shape makes it suitable for both small and large dogs.

The MiaCara Ivory Covo dog bed is designed using high-quality materials. The sturdy and durable curved plywood frame is strong. The soft, machine-washable cover is comfortable for your dog. The foam cushion is specially designed to provide excellent spine support. The Covo dog bed is a durable and practical investment for your pet. It can be taken anywhere. It will make your dog happy, healthy, and comfortable. Dogs can rest well in comfortable beds, and owners can rest easy knowing their pet is safe.

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