Curious George Couple Costume

Curious George Couple Costume

Curious George and his wife could become a cute pair monkeys this Halloween. A woman’s costume is available as well as a man’s costume. This costume includes a yellow hat, yellow pants, and a pair. You can also purchase a pair of matching black boots and a belt to go with the male costume. The male costume is one-size-fits all. You will need a small dress for the woman.

Consider buying a monkey suit for your child or baby and turning him into George. A women’s monkey suit is a better choice if you prefer a feminine costume. A yellow dress shirt is the best choice for the man. Pair it with yellow dress pants. You can make the look more sophisticated by pairing it with black boots and a belt.

A Curious George couple costume may be the best option for your toddler if he or she likes to play. This costume will encourage your child’s natural curiosity as he plays with his hat and explores his world. You can be a dad and wear a yellow cap while your son dresses as Curious George. Matching shirts and accessories are also available. It’s a fun way to bond with your child while celebrating Halloween together.

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