Cute Thomas

Cute Thomas

Cute Thomas is a character in Farmville 2 who acts as mayor of Mineral Town. He’s responsible for collecting items left at the shipping bin each day and can assist players with sending shipments out to different regions. Additionally, Cute Thomas can host mini-games that help players earn gold faster!

Early Life and Education

Thomas has become one of the most recognized YouTube personalities since joining Team 10 in 2017. He now has millions of subscribers both on his Youtube and TikTok accounts, where he posts daily vlogs.

He often features his younger sister, Mia Hayward, in his videos and is in a relationship with her; both accounts feature adorable pictures and videos together on them both.

Thomas can also be seen posting fitness content and vlogs to Instagram and TikTok, where he regularly collaborates with popular YouTubers like Jake Paul, Erika Costell and Chad Tepper as well as serving as a regular in Dairy Day parades and local events.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas has an affinity for drama. He enjoys taking dance lessons and gymnastics classes. Thomas is particularly fond of his godmother Molly and often joins her at Hell 666 radio station where she helps out behind the scenes. Thomas allows his nephew Pip to tag along for drama practice or gymnastics practice sessions; and has an intense crush on Miss Velvet but Francis is trying his hardest to keep them apart; Francis even tried once to b*tch slap anyone who made fun of being gay or lesbian! Thomas is also very openly bisexual so if anyone makes fun of them for being gay or lesbian he will b*tch slap them b*tchslap them around their face!

Net Worth

Cute_Thomas, better known by his online handle PetrouTV across various social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram and TikTok is an army officer and social media comedian known by the username PetrouTV on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. As of 2022 he boasted more than 1.8 million YouTube subscribers and 8.4 million TikTok followers with 515 million likes as of 2022. Additionally he owns an organic fruit and vegetable company from women-operated farms in Nigeria that produce organic produce while supporting local agriculture while providing fair trade rates above minimum wages as well. Additionally he also appears on Thomas videos while dating fellow social media influencer Mia Hayward from Hype House Hype House as of 2022.

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