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Top 5 Things You Should Know About the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Are you familiar with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders? These cheerleaders represent the Dallas Cowboys football team. These cheerleaders are full of energy and support their favorite players as well as their team by showing their pride. Are they really all they seem to be? Find out by reading this article! These are the top 5 facts you need to know about these amazing cheerleaders.

The NFL has repeatedly refused to condemn the domestic violence that is rampant among its ranks. Most recently, the Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was caught on video punching his fiancee, Janay, in the face. Ray Rice was suspended for two games, and the #MeToo movement has encouraged cheerleaders in other NFL arenas to speak out about sexual harassment and gender discrimination. Cheerleaders have the right to speak up.

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are comprised of recent college graduates, dental hygienists, and triathletes. They range in age from 18 to forty years old. As many of them work full-time, the team’s success is dependent on its cheerleaders. They do not do it for the pay. Their popularity is increasing. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders even have their own reality TV show, “Making the Team” on CMT.

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are an iconic part of the NFL. They have been the league standard for more than 30 years, and they earn around $50 per game. A summer cheer camp is offered to aspiring cheerleaders for $160. It lasts for three days. Whether cheerleaders make their dream a reality or not is debatable. But the cheerleaders’ popularity makes them worthy of the effort.

A former Dallas Cowboys executive contacted ESPN after he noticed a man on a cellphone snapping photos of the cheerleaders. The cheerleader thought he was taking photos. She ran towards him and said, “I’m not doing this!” She was able to recognize the man, but the other cheerleaders weren’t aware of him. The Cowboys’ legal team got a digital copy of the livestream, but the team’s sources would not confirm whether the video exists.

Many Dallas cheerleaders celebrated the Cowboys’ first Super Bowl win, including Cynde Lee. She grew up in Richardson, Texas, and was a cheerleader from sixth grade through college. Before auditioning for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, she attended Brigham Young University. She has fond memories of being swept up in Danny White’s cheerleading. The photo also made headlines when it came to cheerleading.

Officially, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders weren’t allowed to fraternize in any capacity with the players. They were allowed to take photos with a security guard and were permitted to photograph the cheerleaders privately. Dalrymple was fired without pay and the general counsel of the team confiscated his iPhone from work and obtained the passwords. The team’s general counsel conducted multiple interviews and interviewed Dalrymple. Dalrymple admitted that he entered the locker room, but denied taking photographs of the women. Moreover, the security guard did not tell team officials that he wanted to call police, which is why it was so hard to conclude whether he acted improperly.

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