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Dallas Hayes Stoller’s Family Wants Her Case Reopened

If you are like many people, you have probably heard the story of Dallas Hayes Stoller. She was a great student who was known for her bright personality. It’s unfortunate that her life was cut short, but her family hopes to give her story some recognition.

The Stoller family has been fighting to have Dallas’ case reopened after Bowen Turner was given probation and released from prison. While the judge gave Turner five years of probation, he will not be able to register as a sex offender for the next five years. As a result, the Stoller family has launched social media campaigns to encourage the public to sign a petition to have the case reopened. Currently, there are thousands of signatures on the petition.

On April 2, 2019, the family of Dallas Stoller attended a rally outside the South Carolina State House. They had over 15,000 signatures on the petition, and they hope to gather more to show their support. In addition, they have launched a website to gather people who knew Dallas.

Dallas Stoller was killed in November 2021, after being assaulted by Bowen Turner. Prosecutors have not disclosed the cause of her death, but prosecutors have said that Turner may have been involved. When Dallas was assaulted, she had a SANE kit, but she did not want to use it. After the sexual assault, she was unresponsive. Her friend found her unconscious and took her to hospital.

But despite her family’s efforts to have her charges dropped, Bowen Turner was arrested and charged with another rape. This time, it was against another girl, Chloe Bess. He was free on bond when he attacked Bess in June. Since then, prosecutors have approached the Bess family about a plea deal.

The Stoller family wants to see the case reopened, and they’ve already made dozens of calls to the solicitor’s office. They feel that the case was dismissed due to the victim’s death, but the 2nd Circuit Solicitor’s office says that the case is closed.

Alyson Stoller has spoken out about her daughter’s case, and the family has gathered thousands of signatures on a petition to have the case reopened. At the recent sentencing, the victim’s father railed against Turner’s sentence.

Although Dallas’ story is very sad, it is also very moving. She was a fantastic student, athlete, and editor of her school’s yearbook. She had plans to be a physical therapist. Before her death, she had forgiven Bowen Turner.

The victim’s family says that they felt the case wasn’t important to the Second Circuit Solicitor’s office. They also say they believe that the court should have put Turner in juveline detention for his crimes. And they believe the trial was unfair.

Dallas Stoller’s family wants to gather more witnesses to help them reopen the case. They’ve started a website, and the Stoller family has gathered over 15,000 signatures on the petition. Their campaign has garnered interest on Twitter, where people are posting comments and the hashtag #FreeBowen.

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