Dan Lippitt

Dan Lippitt

Dan first became passionate about photography during his teen years, when he realized its power to capture emotions and expressions. He frequently captured photographs of his environment as well as those around him he interacted with; many of his friends remember him fondly as being kind and supportive in their artistic pursuits.

Early Life and Education

Dan Lippitt was a widely recognized corporate, editorial, portrait, and fashion photographer who tragically passed away on June 15th 2023. As the esteemed owner of Daniel Lippitt Photography Detroit Commercial Photographer, his distinct artistic eye and calm demeanor made an indelible mark on his industry and beyond. His work appeared in numerous annual reports and websites as well as internationally-recognized magazines such as Vogue, Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine Time Newsweek & New York Times among others.

As a youngster, he developed a passion for photography that eventually earned him a degree from Wayne State University. Unfortunately, his death left a hole in the Metro Detroit photography scene which will remain vacant for years to come; friends still remember him fondly as an amazing mentor who inspired their creativity.

Professional Career

Dan Lippitt was an esteemed photographer in Metro Detroit who first became interested in photography during his teenage years and continued pursuing it while attending Wayne State University. His friends remember him fondly as someone who inspired them artistically while offering mentorship in photography.

He excelled in corporate, editorial, portrait and fashion photography with his distinctive artistic eye and soothing demeanor making him an in-demand professional. His work graced annual reports, websites and prestigious magazines worldwide before his sudden death shook everyone. Furthermore, he served as video director for the Detroit Lions football club as well as dedicated video director who will be missed by players, coaches and fans alike.

Achievement and Honors

Lippitt was dedicated to music throughout his life and loved sharing that passion with others. He supported local and national musicians alike; particularly notable were his love for New Orleans music which could be found throughout his work. Melanie Nathanson and her husband created the Daniel Bartlett Fellowship in his memory.

This fellowship honors Daniel Bartlett through providing financial assistance from his parents, making this scholarship possible.

Dan’s death remains unknown, yet his legacy lives on through those he touched; especially those within Metro Detroit photography community who knew and worked alongside him. They will miss him dearly.

Personal Life

Dan Lippitt will long be remembered by those who knew him as a kind and generous soul, an exceptional mentor, who provided support and encouragement in their artistic pursuits. His untimely passing on June 15 has left a gaping hole in Detroit’s photographic community as well as being well-known as video director for over three decades with the Detroit Lions football club.

Dan used his lens to capture the beauty of nature and people alike. His photographs brought frozen moments alive, stirring emotions and uncovering narratives through every image taken. His work touched and changed many lives; his absence is felt across society; generations will long remember him for their artful contributions.

Net Worth

Dan Lippitt was an extraordinary photographer whose work made a lasting impactful statement about life and art. Additionally, his warm nature was inspiring many artists on their creative paths with unfailing encouragement and support from him.

Born and raised in Southfield, Michigan, he graduated high school at Andover High School before pursuing a degree in photography at Wayne State University – eventually becoming one of the region’s foremost photographers over time.

On June 15th 2023, his death sent shockwaves through the Metro Detroit photography community and will leave an irreparable hole that will only grow larger with time. Although its cause of death remains unknown, it is widely speculated that he suffered from a heart attack.

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