Dan Lufkin

Dan Lufkin

Dan Lufkin is a well-known Wall Street investor and co-founder of Questor Partners Fund 1 & 11 but also has diverse interests as a cattle rancher and dairy farmer as well as being an avid cutting horse fan, having been recognized with membership to the National Cutting Horse Hall of Fame.

He’s an esteemed magazine owner who was also once involved with Republican politics. A staunch foe of corporate polluters, he was also appointed the inaugural head of Connecticut’s Department of Environmental Protection.

Early Life and Education

Dan was born in De Queen, Arkansas and graduated from Lee High School in Baytown before attending Stephen F Austin State University to study English and teach seventh grade English classes. Dan enjoyed hunting and fishing as well as volunteering with Methodist Men and Lufkin Evening Lions Clubs.

His research led him to take big chances on small companies like Xerox and Scott & Sons (the lawn care service). Additionally, he invested in an airline, oil company, ranching/landholding concern as well as publishing ventures and Broadway plays such as Oh! Calcutta!, an erotic revue from 1969.

At 47 years old and with an estimated net worth of $35 million, Lufkin decided it was time for him to step away from Wall Street. He decided to support Connecticut Governor Thomas Meskill’s election bid and accepted Meskill’s invitation to head the newly created Department of Environmental Protection for Connecticut.

Professional Career

Lufkin made his mark on Wall Street while at DLJ before branching out into investments such as an airline, oil company and ranching/land holding ventures. Additionally he supported numerous Broadway plays – Oh! Calcutta! was an immense success during 1969 erotic revue performances!

He claimed that Ms. Bulger called him an ignorant male nurse and stated he would never make it in the ICU; she also imitated his manner of speaking on occasion and refereed to him as “slow male”. Lufkin is alleging these acts constitute harassment and ridicule under Connecticut law.

However, the court concluded that there was no credible evidence to show these acts had any bearing on Lufkin’s ability to perform his job at EMMC and make those remarks due to Lufkin being female. Furthermore, Ms. Bulger made those comments without regard for Lufkin’s gender status.

Achievement and Honors

Lufkin made many contributions during his lifetime, from charitable giving and board service to environmental protection efforts.

David Yarnold received the Audubon Medal, one of the highest honors in conservation, presented at a gala dinner by National Audubon Society President and CEO David Yarnold and Chairman of Board Holt Thrasher in New York City.

As president of TCC South, he has been instrumental in driving its growth and success. Through strong relationships with local high schools, more students have taken dual enrollment courses and transferred onto universities – which earned him recognition by Phi Theta Kappa for leading student success initiatives.

Personal Life

He was active in conservation, serving on the boards of organizations like Audubon Society and Nature Conservancy as well as various non-profits. Together with his late wife Cynthia he was also actively engaged in New York social life and philanthropy.

His luxurious Manhattan apartment (a former chapel at New York Cancer Hospital) featured vaulted ceilings and gold leaf walls modeled on an English abbey. In his free time he enjoyed riding horses as well as coaching cutting horse competitions.

Long walks were among his favorite activities and book clubs were an important way for him to meet new friends. Additionally, he enjoyed diving the coral reefs near Florida for fun with his wife before volunteering at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center together.

Net Worth

Lufkin always displayed an avid interest in conservation. He donated to various land trusts and environmental groups; even the National Audubon Society honored his legacy by honoring him with a prize after his passing in 2013.

Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette was cofounded by him and soon became one of Wall Street’s premier investment firms. He became known for favoring smaller, fast-growing firms over blue chip stocks like many investors do.

His residence at 11768 Marblestone Ct in Wellington Florida began in January 2016, having lived there previously at 202 Oyster Pond Rd in Alameda CA for approximately 16 years prior. An avid fisherman who also loves horses and the outdoors.

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