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Dan Sallick serves as Chairman of the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC and co-founder of Subject Matter Public Affairs Agency which specializes in modern art public affairs. Additionally, he previously worked as press secretary for House Democratic Leader Gephardt.

He currently resides with his wife, Elizabeth Miller, in Georgetown.

Early Life and Education

Dan Sallick provides information about himself, his family, his career, public records and expert analysis as well as social media profiles that provide fuller details.

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Dan Sallick is a Washington businessman and art collector. He currently chairs the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden’s board of trustees; co-founded Subject Matter, a creative advocacy firm; is an avid art collector; served as communications adviser in political campaigns for President George W. Bush’s administration; graduated Rollins College before receiving a master’s degree from Harvard; was press secretary for House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt before leaving office;

Professional Career

Dan Sallick is an acclaimed communications strategist and noted modern art collector. He co-founded Home Front Communications, which later merged with Elmendorf/Ryan to form Subject Matter (now Subject Matter Public Affairs Group in Washington D.C.). Additionally, he chairs the Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden Board of Trustees as chairman, as well as being famous for its creative advocacy campaigns such as Kastle’s Back to Work Barometer. Furthermore, Dan has served on multiple company boards and invested actively in media and e-commerce media businesses and currently lives with his wife and son in Washington D.C.

Melissa Chiu, Director of the Museum, expressed her excitement over his selection as chair of the board, noting his knowledge and experience in contemporary art and business as key assets to benefitting the institution.

Achievement and Honors

Sallick was known for keeping busy outside of class at Rollins College while his classmates took notes; Sallick would take advantage of any free moments and contact local television stations covering U.S. Rep. Jim Bacchus’ campaign by setting up interviews for Congressman as he returned home for the Persian Gulf War. It was an intensive schedule but one that paid dividends.

Dan Sallick is a founding partner of Subject Matter, the public affairs firm recently acquired by Elmendorf/Ryan. An avid art collector specializing in contemporary pieces, Sallick was named chairman of Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden by Smithsonian earlier this year; replacing Peggy Burnet of Minneapolis. Melissa Chiu from Hirshhorn says Sallick’s experience in both business and politics will prove an asset.

Personal Life

Home Front Communications, which recently merged with Elmendorf/Ryan to form Subject Matter, has long been recognized for spotting big ideas that will capture policymakers and the press’s interest. An avid collector of modern art himself, Dan Sallick also serves on the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden’s board of trustees as chairperson.

Washington-based art collector and businessman Gary Wessel brings with him both in-depth knowledge of the museum collection as well as expertise in collecting contemporary art to its board, which Director Melissa Chiu notes is much more diverse than previously, boasting members from across both country and globe. “It’s absolutely critical for the museum that its leadership have access to diverse skills on board,” Chiu emphasizes.

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Net Worth

Dan Sallick made his Broadway debut and quickly began an award-nominated film and television career after that success. Since then he has received many nominations, appeared in popular movies like Dead Poets Society and Mr & Mrs Bridge as well as garnering an enthusiastic following on social media platforms such as Twitter, and serves on the board of trustees at Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington where he also collects modern art. Additionally he founded Home Front Communications which evolved into an integrated communications firm while Subject Matter became creative advocacy firms both with full services provided from two companies working under him – Home Front Communications becoming fully integrated communications firm while Subject Matter became creative advocacy firm under his control while Home Front Communications evolved into fully integrated communications firm while Subject Matter became creative advocacy firms under him as well.

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