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The Antichrist – The Man of Sin Revealed in Daniel 11

There are few subjects in the Bible that cause as much debate as that surrounding Antichrist, with much debate focusing on Daniel 11 as it relates to its prophecies.

In his vision, the prophet sees an evil man called “The King of the South,” who serves as an allegory for Antichrist during his rule during the Tribulation period. This individual exalts themselves above all gods while profaning God as well.

Early Life and Education

Daniel experienced numerous prophetic visions during his exile in Babylon over 2500 years ago, one of which included a particularly troubling vision pertaining to an end-time ruler who would rule over us all.

Visions depicting him as the leader of final Gentile domination over Israel (including Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome) also anticipated his rule over Jerusalem including rebuilding of temple and denial of priesthood and kingship rights.

God will bring judgment upon him until his indignation has run its course and He destroys him, sparing Christians from persecution by him. Satan will then come roaring back a second time, this time unleashing worldwide persecution against Jews and Christians alike, taking their joy away and using violent attacks against them to do it.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel’s book of prophecies contains numerous fascinating forecasts of an individual whose power will bring global peace; this figure is known as the antichrist and is featured prominently in God’s end-time revelations to Daniel as prophet.

Prophecies concerning him foretell that he will create an image of himself and demand worship – this would violate both God and all other gods.

The next prophecy reveals a little-horn power which will emerge from among other kingdoms to persecute Christians, particularly Catholics. Early Christians interpreted this passage to refer to Pope, though we should not assume this represents any specific church as there are devout followers in every denomination.

Personal Life

Since the time of early church history, Antichrist has been seen as the opposite and ultimate enemy of Christ. While Scripture’s prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel) don’t offer specifics on Antichrist’s person and reign, scholars and pseudonymous apocalyptic writers from Church Fathers-era and early Middle Age authors began filling in any missing details with speculative writings on him from Church Fathers-era scholars who began filling in what may have been forgotten or are known by pseudonymous writers from early Middle Age scholars or pseudonymous writers from Church Fathers-era or early Middle Age writers began filling in missing details about him by making predictions based on incomplete information provided from Bible texts or Bible verses alone.

Daniel 11:37 provides one such verse. According to this passage, Daniel writes that the Antichrist will “have no regard for the gods of his fathers or for women’s desires,” which many interpret as meaning that he/she will be gay/homosexual and exhibit all the power and wealth associated with a dictator – which could apply to any modern leader; specifically this Antichrist would lead remnants of Roman Empire including India and Turkey as part of his empire.

Net Worth

The Bible prophesies that he will amass great wealth and be able to influence people with demonically-inspired magnetism. He will use this wealth to persuade individuals into taking up his system – also keeping track of those that accept his system and keeping track of those accepting his mark, 666.

He will start his reign without much fanfare, quietly rising to power through intrigue and cunning. Gradually gaining power via intrigue and cunning, his reign will gain steam through intrigue and cunning – becoming more attractive by intrigue than direct means. Attractively-built with intelligence and boastfulness he will slowly gain power by intrigue and cunning; eventually becoming very handsome man intelligent and boastful. Rejecting God and His law by starting his own religion. Believing himself more important than God while lying through blasphememers of Lord; defying God by worshipping Him directly and defameing His Lord while defying Him by doing this defiance act blasphemy by defying Him, thinking he is more important than Him while deceived people with lies about God deceive people by deceive them with lies.

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