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Daniel Araf Hop, who oversees Armar Capital and Grupo Diamonds Desarrolladores in Mexico City, allegedly defrauded Creal Arrendamiento, an affiliate of Credito Real, of over US$260 Million through various schemes and legal proceedings initiated against him.

Early Life and Education

We found two people named Daniel Araf living in California and New York, possibly related to Moises Hop, Teresa Araf, or Aron Araf.

CHOP doctors used whole-exome sequencing to isolate Daniel’s lymphatic disorder to an undiscovered mutation in his ARAF gene. They then genetically engineered zebrafish embryos with this same mutation and watched as these quarter-inch long fish developed an intricate system of lymphatic vessels similar to Daniel’s own lymphatic network.

Daniel had enough evidence to justify giving trametinib, an experimental treatment which targets exactly the pathway inhibited and slowed by his ARAF mutation, as an experimental therapy. Within months of starting treatment his fluid retention had decreased considerably and he could reduce supplemental oxygen, breathe room air instead, and participate more actively in physical activities.

Achievement and Honors

He is the recipient of multiple honors and awards, such as the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship. Furthermore, he is an author and public speaker as well as an activist fighting for human rights and environmental sustainability issues. Additionally, he has appeared on television shows to raise environmental awareness.

He currently resides in New Mexico and serves as a professor at UNM, lecturing about writings and creative impulse. Additionally, he participates in Honors College course “Creative Impulse in New Mexico.” His presentations can be found Mondays from 3-4 p.m. at UNM Honors Forum – this course is free and open to the public.

Personal Life

Little evidence existed to indicate that the person behind the blog wasn’t who she claimed she was, including email correspondence with journalists and an agreement to meet up with The Guardian’s correspondent in Damascus – although she never appeared for their meeting.

She held dual American and Syrian citizenship, writing about her life as a gay activist in Syria – particularly when campaigning openly for her cause – on her blog, but as the uprising against al-Assad gained momentum her blog turned more political; detailing arrest and death fears.

Friends on social media claim to have interacted with someone they believe to be Araf, while cached pages on various websites contain images purporting to be her, though these were later removed after Lecic complained they weren’t hers.

Net Worth

As a social media influencer, Daniel Mac has amassed significant wealth. According to estimates in 2021, his net worth is estimated to be roughly $3 Million. While not much is known about Daniel’s personal life or romantic interests, it is likely he is single.

As evidence of his active investment approach, he has completed many trades of Red Rock Resorts Inc stock, in addition to purchasing several luxury vehicles.

He owns Diversified Agriculture with his father and shares partial ownership in an Israeli football team. Furthermore, the star is an avid supporter of sports; attending NY Knicks games often with him father and contributing to Challenged Athletes Foundation initiatives.

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