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A Conversation With Daniel Booko

Dan has performed as an actor, dancer, designer, and writer in educational theater companies and student productions. Additionally, his research explores how concepts from memory studies may be applied to reconsider production histories for Tennessee Williams’ early works. Dan currently holds a doctoral fellowship at Tufts University.

Early Life and Education

Ciba Deon Harris was born in Washington, DC to John D. and Rose Arnold Harris and attended John Marshall High School before receiving her cosmetology training from Royale Cosmetology Institute. Following graduation she worked for Synovate for approximately fifteen years prior to taking the plunge into becoming a professional chef.

She assisted in the launch of a free meal pilot program from Feed Your Mind’s food truck in the Bronx in 2019. She leaves behind one son, Jonathan (Lashay) Harris; four grandchildren Denaya, Johnylah and Jereniah as well as devoted family including Charles her husband; daughters-in-law; nieces; nephews; cousins and lifelong friends.

Daniel Ciba is an assistant professor of theatre (history and criticism) at Ramapo College of New Jersey and PhD candidate in Theatre Studies at Tufts University. His research explores connections between theatre historiography, memory studies, sociological approaches to queer identity as well as sociological/anthropological/philosophical approaches towards queer identity formation.

Professional Career

Daniel had an illustrious 37 year career in eye care and ophthalmology in particular. As founder of his own pharmaceutical company, he oversaw its creation, clinical testing, FDA approval and eventual use to combat eye disease found among those living with diabetes. Furthermore, Daniel served as President of Michigan Chapter SVOSH (Student Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity), overseeing humanitarian missions to impoverished nations to provide glasses to those who otherwise couldn’t afford them.

Dan is currently pursuing his Ph.D at Tufts University and has published in Etudes, New England Theatre Journal, Praxis and Theatre Research International. His current research involves adapting concepts from memory theory to reconsider performance histories of Tennessee Williams’ early plays; and has presented at various conferences such as Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium and ATHE’s Theory and Criticism Focus Group.

Achievement and Honors

Professor Ciba currently holds the editorship for University of Iowa Press’s Studies in Theater History and Culture series as well as book review editor of Theatre Annual magazine. In addition, he serves as focus group representative of ATHE’s Theory and Criticism Focus Group as well as publishing in Etudes, New England Theatre Journal Praxis Theatre Research International Tennessee Williams Annual Review among many others.

He is currently working on his doctoral dissertation on using concepts from memory studies to reassess production histories of Tennessee Williams’ early plays. Recent design credits include Boston Collegiate Charter School’s production of Into the Woods and Tufts University’s Clytemnestria (a queer adaptation of The Oresteia).

Personal Life

He was also father to Rocky Jean-Louis, Rachel Florence, Mayola Antoine, Marie Casimir and Freddie Charles; grandmother to Kim Williams (Jherald), Katy Burns, Natalie Charles and Kasia Jean-Louis; great-grandmother of Kayla, Kamyrn, Jereniah, Isaiah Takira Takeem Noah Londyn as well as many cherished nieces, nephews and friends he left behind. On January 31 he passed away peacefully in Pembrall Pines Florida at age 89 years.

Michael appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, such as Men of Honor, Instinct, Boat Trip, Norbit and Daddy Day Camp; providing voiceover work in Home on the Range as Buck. Additionally he published several books including Blue Roses: Tennessee Williams Memory Archive Queer Archive where his research explored connections between theatre historiography and sociological, anthropological and philosophical approaches to memory studies.

Net Worth

As an actor, Daniel Booko makes a healthy income from his work. His earnings depend on which projects he’s involved with as well as its popularity – these factors all play a factor.

Daniel Booko is an enthusiastic sportsman and regularly shares workout videos on social media platforms such as YouTube. Additionally, he loves basketball as an avid fitness enthusiast and player.

Additionally, he is an active investor in the pharmaceutical industry and has made investments with Alimera Sciences worth over $1.56 Million dollars.

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