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Biologist and Ecologist – Daniel Botkin

Daniel Botkin is an internationally acclaimed scientist who studies life from an environmental standpoint. Additionally, he is also a prolific writer and speaker. Among his publications include Discordant Harmonies and Beyond the Stoney Mountains.

He has been featured in various Messianic and secular publications, as well as being the founder of GOE bimonthly magazine. Additionally, he has conducted extensive field research in remote wilderness areas to save numerous endangered species.

Early Life and Education

Botkin has made it his goal to share cutting-edge research in ecology and environmental sciences with a wider audience through his books, such as Discordant Harmonies. His books feature both extensive research as well as firsthand accounts from his fieldwork experiences.

He has conducted extensive fieldwork in Alaska, California, and Michigan wilderness areas as well as helping conservation efforts around the world. His research topics span from salmon in the Pacific Northwest to African elephants.

Botkin grew up in Salmon Arm, British Columbia and developed an early interest in adventure and exploration. He credits his success to his education, mentors he has encountered along the way and an ongoing passion for helping animals. Outside the office he enjoys traveling, photography and playing folk music guitar for fun.

Professional Career

Botkin has conducted field research in various wilderness areas worldwide, helping save endangered species ranging from African elephants to bowhead whales. He was an early proponent of ecological computer modeling as a means of predicting possible effects from climate change on ecological systems.

He founded a nonprofit corporation, known as the Center for the Study of Environment, as well as serving on numerous boards for other organizations. Additionally, he’s been appointed trustee at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden as well as receiving various honorary awards and recognitions.

He holds many professional accolades and is also a widely published author, messianic Bible teacher, conference speaker and editor of Gates of Eden The Botkin Bimonthly Magazine.

Achievement and Honors

As a biologist, Botkin has made significant contributions to addressing various environmental concerns. He has conducted field research in remote wilderness areas around the world – saving species such as California Condors, African Elephants and Bowhead Whales as endangered species – as well as using historical records to restore wildlife populations and analyze sea ice changes.

Botkin has earned several accolades throughout his professional career. He was honored by Marquis Who’s Who as a Top Professional, and inducted into the International Association of Top Professionals.

Botkin has served in East Peoria as pastor and Hebrew teacher at Gates of Eden Messianic Congregation since 1988, in addition to publishing numerous books and articles related to religion, anthropology, and the natural sciences.

Personal Life

Daniel Botkin soon after graduated high school and found employment with Sperlich Log Construction in Enderby. It became one of his many jobs to support his family, which he loved doing – coming home each night telling Sandra “typical boy stories”.

As a well-recognized environmental scientist, his dedication to truth and straightforward calculations has earned him widespread respect in his field. Over his long career he has received multiple honors and awards such as those bestowed by Santa Barbara Botanic Garden’s John C. Pritzlaff Conservation Award and Textbook and Academic Authors Association’s Texty Award.

Botkin is also an accomplished author, publishing sixteen nonfiction books including Twenty-five Myths that Are Destroying the Environment; Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet (9 editions); Discordant Harmonies Reconsidered and Powering the Future: A Scientist’s Guide to Energy Independence.

Net Worth

As one of the leading biologists and ecologists, Daniel Botkin is widely respected for his outstanding performance in his field. He has shown innovative leadership practices with significant results-oriented outcomes; additionally he’s passionate about helping others and upholds high moral integrity in his work.

He has worked to help protect wilderness areas like California’s Mono Lake and Michigan’s Isle Royale National Park, saving endangered species such as moose, hawks and bowhead whales in the process. Furthermore, his research has helped redefine our conceptions of ecology.

Atkinson has made several controversial statements about climate change, suggesting that little of it can be linked to human activity and that carbon dioxide plays far less of an impactful role than is popularly perceived. He continues to publish scientific papers and writes books like his most recent 2016 publication 25 Myths that Are Destroying Our Environments.

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