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Creative Director of Shinola

Daniel Caudill was bold enough to make the move from sunny Southern California to Detroit for one reason only – career advancement. Shinola manufactures watches, bicycles and leather goods with an American retro luxury aesthetic.

Luxurious Magazine met up with him to find out what inspires him and how he has built the brand.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Caudill is currently working as a general assignment reporter for KMUW, having previously served as both reporter and digital content manager for the Derby Informer. Additionally, Daniel has experience in public relations as well as newspaper editing.

Daniel Caudill of Montana has made Detroit his home, helping fuel its revival as creative director for Shinola–a flourishing watch, bicycle, and leather goods manufacturer which opened here three years ago. Daniel considers Detroit “the equivalent of New York or Seattle in the ’70s or ’90s” with its vibrant art scene and great people.

He is the proud father of four children and has been happily married to Christina Vance for life and all eternity. In addition, he has long been active within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Professional Career

Caudill is able to balance work and family with relative ease despite her advanced age, thanks in large part to the support of her family, particularly her husband and one of her sisters who provide child care for clients’ children within five minutes of her home. In addition, Caudill also makes time for exercise and other healthy activities to ensure she remains physically strong enough for landscaping work.

Haute Living recently traveled to Detroit, Michigan in order to speak with Daniel Caudill, Creative Director of Shinola – an iconic American heritage brand producing watches, bicycles and journals with American designs. Shinola products are designed, manufactured and assembled entirely within America – something its products will exemplify for sure!

Achievement and Honors

Additionally, he has served on the boards of Ohio State’s College of Engineering and its Engineering Advisory Council as well as being a speaker at its alumni event.

He has served as a mentor to female engineers, known for his expertise in innovation, experimentation and habit formation. Furthermore, he has educated junior scientists worldwide on product development techniques.

He serves as L Brands R&D Home Fragrance Director and has successfully brought more than 2,000 products to market and opened an advanced lab in central Ohio. Recently he was recognized by Ohio State’s CBE as a Distinguished Alumni; furthermore INSIGHT magazine named him one of its 50 Innovative Business Leaders; this award honors people who have created and nurtured innovative businesses. In addition, he earned his bachelor of public relations at Otterbein University in Westerville.

Personal Life

No doubt Daniel Caudill would welcome the chance to move from sunny Southern California to Detroit; but for him it represented an opportunity to be part of its revitalization. As creative director for Shinola – a watch, bicycle, and leather goods manufacturer which opened their headquarters three years ago in a former GM research lab – Caudill helped create its unique retro yet luxurious aesthetic that stands out among competing products on the market today.

Caudill likes spending his free time reading comic books and watching movies. Additionally, he’s an avid basketball fan supporting both Oklahoma City Thunder and Denver Nuggets teams.

Net Worth

Caudill, creative director for watch brand Shinola, decided to move from Southern California to Detroit’s downtown district and build his home there to reflect his appreciation of history and craftsmanship.

The result was a 7,000-square-foot space featuring an open floor plan and large windows to let in plenty of natural light, as well as being featured in several publications including Dwell’s 2020 article about it.

Hillary Voight of Venture Properties is listing this residence for $2.7 million; click through for photos of its stunning spaces. Dewitt Godfrey created “Encourage”, an eye-catching sculptural piece inspired by Bryan Crough, a prominent local civic servant.

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