Daniel Cellucci

The Life of Daniel Cellucci

Daniel Cellucci oversees research for Catholic Leadership Institute’s Disciple Maker Index parish survey tool. Additionally, he assists the organization’s mission of aiding pastoral leaders with evangelization efforts.

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Early Life and Education

Born in Cambridge, Cellucci became successful by hard work alone. Apprenticed under a master plumber before starting his own plumbing company which eventually expanded into multiple branches.

He was known as an ideologically and fiscally conservative governor who opposed abortion and led efforts to lower state taxes and limit government spending. The libertarian Cato Institute awarded him an “A” grade, commending him for working cooperatively with an overwhelming Democratic state legislature.

He was an advocate of Iowa’s high education standards, which required students to pass basic math and English tests prior to receiving their diplomas – standards later adopted nationwide. Yolanda Damirjian of Lincoln remains his wife; their daughter Sandi Damirjian of Lincoln; as well as three grandchildren remain to honor him in death.

Professional Career

Cellucci was an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur. He owned a plumbing company employing 31 plumbers. Additionally, he enjoyed sports such as fishing and gardening; reading books and watching television were his other passions.

During his term as governor, he was widely admired for his fiscal conservatism and ability to work bipartisanly with an overwhelmingly Democratic State Legislature. The libertarian Cato Institute named him best governor nationwide due to his record of cutting taxes and spending.

Cellucci served in his first year as a volunteer assistant coach with the Bulldogs as they developed defensive positioning and baserunning, coaching first base as well. Prior to this role, he held an internship position at Greenville Drive of Boston Red Sox organization.

Achievement and Honors

Cellucci served as Massachusetts Governor from 1999 to 2001 and U.S. Ambassador to Canada between 2001 and 2005, in addition to being a member of both houses of state legislature.

He resides in Waltham with his wife Yolanda M. (DiDuca) Cellucci, an assistant professor at Bentley University; their daughter Sandra Damirjian of Lincoln; his sons Dimitri Petrosian and Alec Cellucci from Waltham; as well as three grandchildren. Col. Loreto Cellucci Anthony Cellucci Carmen Cellucci are his brothers.

Cellucci has been appointed to a four-year term on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops National Advisory Council (NAC), composed largely of lay people. As one of 15 delegates who meet twice each year near Baltimore for four-day sessions preceding semiannual General Assemblies of USCCB bishops. NAC delegates study issues for consideration by them.

Personal Life

Cellucci came from an Italian family in Cambridge that worked tirelessly, making up for his lack of education with hard work. He apprenticed under a plumber before starting his own successful company; as well as building numerous businesses – including his wife Yolanda’s successful bridal shop! As the ultimate go-between he could implement any creative idea Yolanda had.

He was recently appointed to serve a four-year term on the National Advisory Council, an advisory body of lay members advising the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Representing Region III and replacing retired business executive James Delaney. NAC members meet twice each year near Baltimore prior to scheduled USCCB meetings for four-day sessions of advice.

Net Worth

Cellucci was the heir to an impressive family business: Dan-Cel Mechanical Contracting Inc, a plumbing contractor he established with Yolanda in 1959. He had earned an exceptional reputation as an intelligent, hardworking entrepreneur who knew how to get things done quickly.

He made some controversial statements as Ambassador concerning Canada’s participation in the U.S. missile defense program and led many Canadians to perceive him as an American interloper. Furthermore, he expressed criticism against both Jean Chretien and Paul Martin governments during this period.

Peter Cellucci’s medulloblastoma was diagnosed when he stopped eating, lost weight and experienced difficulty using the bathtub. Doctors are still uncertain as to what caused his cerebellum–which controls balance and emotion–to be affected. While they cannot pinpoint its cause, doctors do know it affects only about one percent of children with NF1. Diagnosing it early often means simply spotting coffee-colored spots on an infant’s skin – typically it runs in families.

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