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The Reverend Daniel Chalmers Has Been Identified As the Man Who Urined on a Passenger on a Red-Eye Flight

Daniel Chalmers from Love Wins Ministries was identified as the pastor who urinated on a sleeping plane passenger two weeks ago during a red-eye flight from Las Vegas to Detroit. According to her account, when she woke up from sleep she felt something wet and warm.

Chalmers advocates for an “explanatory gap” between objective and subjective experience, making him a dualist. Additionally, he criticizes physicalist explanations of mental experience as naturalist explanations – making him even more of a dualism believer than before!

Early Life and Education

Chalmers was raised in Lima, Ohio among a family with strong musical influences. As a professional drummer he soon found himself working at H’art Centre since 2014 playing drums professionally as well as running music workshops for children at Kingston Community Health Centre.

He holds to dualist thinking and views there as an “explanatory gap” between objective and subjective experience; furthermore, he disfavors physicalist explanations for mental experiences – making him a naturalistic dualist.

Sievert Larsson also founded the Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation to offer Thai students studying at Chalmers University of Technology financial assistance through scholarships. Since its establishment, more than one thousand scholarship holders have benefitted from it.

Professional Career

Chalmers has spent his professional career performing live touring and studio percussionist. Additionally, he has collaborated with H’art Centre in music workshops and projects.

North Carolina pastor who allegedly urinated on an airplane passenger has resigned his position at Catch The Fire church, according to senior leaders Murray and Ash Smith of their church, Catch The Fire. Murray and Ash Smith stated their disbelief upon hearing of Daniel Chalmers’ arrest for this Oct. 12 incident on an outbound flight from Las Vegas bound for Detroit.

Chalmers was charged with simple assault after a woman who was sleeping aboard the Delta Airlines red-eye to Detroit reported finding him relieving himself on her and screaming out in protest, prompting an off-duty police officer to detain Chalmers for possible further actions.

Achievement and Honors

Chalmers was honored with being honored with being selected as a fellow by AIChE in 2021 – their highest award and award given for membership of this global professional society for chemical engineers.

He is widely renowned for his groundbreaking work in mammalian bioprocess engineering, leading to major advances in this area as well as helping solve many bottleneck issues in biopharmaceutical production.

He served on the 2021 Dan Jenkins Medal jury, which honors sportswriting excellence across the United States. At its inaugural awards dinner following coronavirus infection, Rick Telander and Liz Merrill received their awards as award recipients.

Personal Life

Challmers is married and has two children. Along with his wife, they co-founded Love Wins Ministries based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. As part of this religious organization based out of Raleigh-Durham church Catch the Fire’s pastors Murray and Ash Smith were “shocked and saddened” to learn of what had transpired in Detroit; but Chalmers worked in non-pastor support role at Catch the Fire at that time and was therefore not working church business when this incident took place.

According to NC Beat’s police report, an off-duty police officer on board the flight noticed Chalmers stood up from his seat wearing only his socks at 2:44 am wearing only socks and then heard someone in the back screaming loudly for help.

Net Worth

Chalmers has been an active investor, trading many shares of Fuels Inc. over time and currently holds 248,907 units worth approximately $1,625,363.

Chalmers is an author and philosopher specializing in issues surrounding mind philosophy, including consciousness. He advocates dualism over physicalism as his belief holds that mind exists independently from physicality.

Dan Chalmers has 22 years of experience as a financial professional and currently works at Cetera Advisors in Gainesville, Florida. He holds both Series 63 and 65 licenses which enable him to provide investment advice throughout Florida. Previously working for Stormant & Chalmers he registered with FINRA since 2023 while earning his BA degree in Mathematics & Philosophy at University of Adelaide.

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