Daniel Cierzan

The Search For Daniel Cierzan

The family engaged in extensive efforts, from search parties to consulting a soul intuitive who provided readings depicting images of a reservoir and route markers – but were ultimately unsuccessful in locating their relative.

Grainy surveillance footage unearthed during the investigation showed what appeared to be Danny’s car driving up to his residence at 5 p.m. on the day he vanished, before turning around and leaving again at about 10:30 pm.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Cierzan was educated in Conway schools before graduating high school. Additionally, he participated in the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps at Camp Robinson Arkansas where he graduated as Chief Petty Officer – an achievement rarely attained by cadets!

On January 26th 2017, he called his wife at work and informed her he would be away for lunch; later in the afternoon he rang back between 3:30-4 pm to discuss plans for that evening.

Grainy surveillance video footage provided in the case shows what appears to be Danny’s SUV pulling up to his house around 4:30, prompting animated reactions among his family members in court who heard this audio file – one sister even leaving before it ended!

Professional Career

San Fernando (CNS) – The family of missing Saugus man Will Cierzan is eagerly awaiting justice when the criminal case against his nephew resumes next month. A 26-year-old Saugus resident stands accused of killing Will Cierzan before disposing of his body at their residence.

Daniel Cierzan pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter for killing his 58-year-old uncle and disposing of the body in a trash bin in 2020, accepting a plea deal offered by prosecutors that sentenced him to 11 years behind bars.

When Charles Cierzan was in court proceedings, the prosecution played audio of him recanting his previous statement that his son provided him with an alibi on the day his uncle vanished from their Saugus home. It caused an uproar in the courtroom as those present heard it for themselves.

Achievement and Honors

Cierzan was part of the Navy’s elite Special Operations Community, having deployed twice to Afghanistan with the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion. As such, he received both the Navy Achievement Medal with V device and Combat Action Ribbon awards.

He trained as a combat medic and served in Marine Special Operations Command before being medically released due to suffering a traumatic brain injury in 2015.

Ruth will be greatly missed and her elegance and grace will live on in many hearts and memories of loved ones who knew her. Ruth leaves behind sister Jane VanAlstine from Eyota; brother James Cierzan from Lauderdale; stepchildren Daniel Gronewold and Denise Cherney both from Champlin; seven stepgrandchildren, 11 stepgreatgrandchildren as well as many adoring nieces, nephews and friends to cherish her memory. She will truly be missed but her memory will live on for many.

Personal Life

William Cierzan was an introspective man who enjoyed sports. He worked part-time at Six Flags Magic Mountain while living with his wife and two dogs in a quiet Santa Clarita neighborhood; Daniel served as like his own son.

On Jan. 26, 2017 while watching television with his teenage nephew at his home, they went out together to a nearby convenience store to purchase beer, according to police. When they returned they discussed plans for that evening before calling his wife between 3:30-4 p.m. but when she arrived home he was already gone.

Investigators discovered grainy surveillance video showing what appears to be Daniel’s SUV pulling up at Cierzan residence shortly before 5 PM and driving away five minutes later.

Net Worth

Daniel Cierzan reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $25 Million and lives with his wife Kristina Brown in Table Rock, Nebraska. They met through Kristina’s parent’s friends and married in 2009 in California. Daniel served for many years in the Navy but was later medically released due to suffering traumatic brain injuries while serving.

Will Cierzan went missing in January 2017 and has never been found; surveillance footage provided by investigators indicated that his nephew drove away in their Saugus home on that fateful day in his truck.

In 2020, Cierzan entered a not guilty plea on one count of murder related to this case and admitted dumping his uncle’s body into a trash bin near Soledad Canyon.

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