Daniel Coffman

Daniel Coffman Inducted Into the Missouri Tigers Hall of Fame

Daniel Coffman possesses extensive expertise in representing businesses against general liability claims, complex commercial disputes and class actions. Additionally, he possesses considerable appellate experience.

Dan contracted scarlet fever during high school and spent an entire month quarantined at home with his mother. To keep him company during this time, they fed him lima beans that made “plink, plink” sounds when cooked by their mother.

Early Life and Education

Coffman was raised in a financially struggling family. Both his parents worked at Sears Roebuck furniture stores while his mother refereed high school football games for extra income. Blanche fed the family what she admittedly wasn’t the healthiest meals.

Coffman represents businesses in all types of general liability matters and complex commercial disputes, including class actions, multidistrict litigation claims and medical malpractice suits. He has extensive experience defending these cases against lawsuits filed by plaintiffs.

Coffman enjoys bowhunting with Josh Terry on their 400-acre property in central Ohio and have taken numerous impressive deer, including an 8-pointer with wide rack. Additionally, Coffman and Josh Terry enjoy fly fishing together and cooking in their Riverside condo; Coffman himself also owns and operates his own Cessna 172 plane.

Professional Career

After graduating law school, he worked for an investment bank and real estate development firm. Over his career he completed over 6 million square feet of industrial warehouse acquisition and development projects as well as handling a broad variety of capital markets transactions such as investment underwriting and analysis.

He offers an expansive practice, representing business clients in general liability, complex commercial disputes and class action matters. He has represented clients from pre-trial discovery through trial and appeal proceedings.

Scott Knecht, PE is a mechanical engineer at Coffman’s Spokane office where he oversees multidisciplinary projects in healthcare, recreation and education. He builds long-term client relationships and specializes in finite element analysis for complex or unusual projects. Scott also acts as department leader and actively contributes to career development programs for engineering students.

Achievement and Honors

Coffman would consistently make impressive plays that amazed even Mizzou fans, such as his hurdle against Illinois, the five stiff-arm play against Nevada or his full extension catch against OSU. These were all just highlights of his remarkable career.

Two-time All-American, he set nearly all all-purpose and kick/punt return records at Missouri. His success will serve as the standard against which any future quarterbacks at MU will be judged.

Alongside his legal work, Mr. Jones also serves as trombone instrumentalist with the U.S. Naval Academy Band’s marching band and ceremonial units, wind ensemble, brass quartet and brass quintet ensembles – having also held positions such as Trombone Quartet Unit Leader and Auditions Supervisor.

He and Blanche frequently fly their Cessna 172 together for pleasure, attending air shows or visiting family in England, Rwanda, Kenya or Liberia.

Personal Life

Friday evening at the Columns Club in Kansas City, family members from both sides of Daniel and Maclin Coffman’s families came out in force to witness their induction into Missouri Tiger history as members of their respective colleges – Faurot Field being their old haunt!

Dan and Blanche are heavily engaged in community activities. They founded Riverside Tradition House for recovering alcoholics as well as serving on the boards of Jacksonville Exchange Program and Children’s Home in Jacksonville. Furthermore, they participate in Bolles School Auxiliary as well as Riverside Presbyterian Day School Advisory Board activities.

Dan wrote extensive commentaries on the Bible, with particular attention being paid to Daniel’s book of Daniel. These commentaries have become one of the best researched and most easily readable ever published.

Net Worth

Dan and Blanche Coffman have three daughters, all now married; one currently residing in England. Blanche has been active in community service as she served on the Board of Riverside Presbyterian Day School as well as its Symphony Guild; she was also previously part of Jax Bar Auxiliary and Stokesia Garden Circle.

Wilson Elser’s Daniel successfully defends businesses against claims involving general liability, complex commercial disputes, class actions and medical malpractice matters. He has experience in all stages of litigation such as pre-trial discovery, motion practice, alternative dispute resolution and trial.

Daniel has made 1 trade at Gamestop since 2018, with his latest transaction taking place on September 11, 2018 whereby 3,995 units were sold for approximately $532,054. These transactions have increased Daniel’s net worth to $675 thousand dollars.

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