Daniel Cunningham

An Interview With Dr Daniel Cunningham

Cunningham credits his military experience for teaching him the value of training others. This knowledge has proved useful both within his manufacturing business and during his work as a community volunteer.

On 15 April 1850 he was born at Crieff Manse in Strathearn and later attended Academy. From there he went on to enroll as medical student at University of Edinburgh.

Early Life and Education

Cunningham received an education that Scotland was so rightly proud to boast about in those days, one which prepared him well for any aspect of life. Beginning his academic studies at Crieff Academy before going on to the University of Edinburgh for further education – graduating MB CM with first class honours in 1874 and MD two years later while being honored with the Gold Medal Award for his thesis work – Cunningham went on to achieve success throughout his life.

He continued the high standards set by Sir William Turner’s predecessor at Edinburgh University for teaching physical anthropology. He published various papers, such as one on lumbar curves in humans and apes.

Dan is survived by his wife Melissa of Westfield and son Damon of Agawam; sister Juliann Sherman (and husband Chuck) from Vermont and Jilleva Cunningham of Westfield; Mariah Sherman was an adored aunt to Mariah Haley Sherman as well as Derek and Jacob Murray who would cherish having their uncle around.

Professional Career

Cunningham specializes in insurance coverage and bad faith litigation related to bodily injury, property damage, consumer protection statute violations, privacy violations, defamation, intellectual property infringement claims and defective product claims. He has represented insurers throughout all aspects of litigation across the United States as well as providing counsel related to claim management and underwriting issues.

He has extensive experience handling financing and acquisition transactions as the lead attorney, working with complex financial products. In addition, he has advised major corporations on issues that combine achieving strategic business goals with the need to resolve disputes through litigation or arbitration.

Since 2009, Dan has been a partner at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan and is widely acknowledged for his expertise in structured finance. Additionally, he provides advice to boards of major companies regarding issues that intersect their pursuit of strategic business goals with need to resolve disputes via litigation or arbitration.

Achievement and Honors

On Sir William Turner’s retirement, Cunningham was invited to fill his chair of anatomy at Edinburgh University. Accepting with great dedication, he fulfilled his duties so as to continue the high standard set forth by his predecessor and maintain its high standard of teaching.

He earned the Navy Cross for his valor during World War II’s Pacific Campaign while flying a carrier-based Navy fighter plane in Fighting Squadron SEVENTEEN (VF-17), attached to U.S.S. Hornet (CV-12). He displayed exceptional airmanship and bravery when engaging a large force of enemy Zeroes, shooting down two.

Paula Dowling, Assistant Principal at CIRCLE Academy-Vermilion Rossville and Barbara Miller, Academic Coordinator were thrilled when Daniel made it into the Eric Show, an annual juried high school art exhibit named for Dale Steffensen’s son who died of cancer. Together they assisted Daniel in selecting some two-dimensional characters for display and helped him record their stories for display purposes.

Personal Life

Cunningham is an avid family man, enjoying time spent with his wife, children, and 12 grandchildren. Additionally, he is an enthusiastic member of the Air Force; having served both as an Enlisted Airmen Recruiter and Officer Accessions Recruiter before becoming a Cyber Transport Journeyman responsible for network connectivity worldwide operations.

As soon as the American Revolutionary War broke out, he was under tremendous pressure to join in; but, due to his refusal, his refusal forced a ship captain to sell him as slave.

Lieutenant Daniel Cunningham displayed outstanding airmanship and courage under fire while accompanying bombers on an extremely hazardous mission escorting bombers for the United States Navy. For his extraordinary actions he received the Navy Cross award.

Net Worth

A positive net worth indicates the value of your assets cover all your liabilities, providing an emergency cushion in case of emergencies.

Cunningham is a director at Central Valley Community Bancorp and made one insider transaction within the last 18 months, purchasing 2,000 shares at $22.

Formerly, he served as Vice President in real estate investment group at ULLICO where he managed originations, asset management, portfolio acquisitions and workouts for real estate owned. Additionally, he was on the leadership council and real estate advisory committee at Jubilee Housing (a DC non-profit).

He resides in London with his daughter and works as a city broker; additionally, his father-in-law David Gold chairs West Ham United football club and thus makes up part of his membership.

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