Daniel DeCrescenzo

Daniel DeCrescenzo, President of MTA Bridges and Tunnels

Danny DeCrescenzo serves as President of MTA Bridges and Tunnels (also known as Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority or TBTA). In this capacity he oversees daily operations of nine tolled crossings connecting the five boroughs, as well as state-of-good-repair, capital improvement projects, major maintenance tasks, surplus toll revenue for mass transit systems, as well as surplus toll revenue collection from those crossings.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Decrescenzo hails from Ardmore, Pennsylvania where he attended Lower Merion High School before moving on to Denison University where he graduated in 1972. Since graduating he has made dentistry his chosen field; having practiced over 40 years.

Stuart Hyman, Decrescenzo’s attorney, asked for leniency based on his client’s impeccable background and desire to make amends. Hyman noted how Decrescenzo had moved to Ohio, changed names and begun work at Harris Corporation where he held security clearances to work on government contract work.

Hyman claims his client started dealing cocaine after being let go from Harris. Due to his stellar record and desire for redemption from being involved in a drug ring, Harris accepted him back into their company.

Professional Career

De Crescenzo began his career at MTA Bridge and Tunnel Authority as a bridge patrol officer in 1990, and since has held various leadership roles at MTA such as Training Instructor, Operations Superintendent, Director of Bridges South (Verrazzano-Narrows Bridges, Cross Bay Bridges and Marine Parkway Bridges) and Director of Central Operations/Deputy Chief. He is adept in all areas of agency business such as tolling, revenue collection, capital planning budget procurement traffic control safety security labor relations deployment staffing incident management policy development etc.

He oversees the daily operations of nine tolled crossings that connect the five boroughs and generate surplus toll revenues that help fund mass transit services provided by the MTA. In addition to that, he regularly appears on Hofstra Entertainment Access Television’s Sports Beat and Hofstra Today shows as well as Rabinowitz Honors College election night broadcasts on campus.

Achievement and Honors

DeCrescenzo distinguished herself in field hockey by earning three all-conference selections and being part of the record-setting 1992 team at her school, scoring four goals and contributing three assists while playing all 25 games during which time. She was also recognized twice by Jersey Nine Athletic Association.

DeCrescenzo, as a board member of TRANSCOM, has been involved with numerous transformations throughout his tenure, such as introducing E-ZPass electronic toll payment in 1995; piloting all-electronic tolling at Henry Hudson Bridge; planning and implementation of Open Road Tolling since 2017; membership in ASIS International as well as several certificates in Incident and Emergency Management are just a few examples of his contributions.

Graduate of Kean College in New Jersey and member of Hofstra University’s Rabinowitz Honors College; Trustee Scholar majoring in Audio/Radio Production while minoring in Creative Writing he earned Hofstra’s Junior of the Year award in 2023.

Personal Life

Danny lives on Staten Island, NY with his wife and three sons. He is an active member of the Staten Island Lions Club as well as being a Trustee Scholar at Hofstra University’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication where he majors in Audio/Radio Production and Creative Writing. Danny often appears as a guest host on Hofstra Entertainment Access Television shows like Sports Beat as well as Hofstra Votes Live election coverage coverages.

DeCrescenzo serves as President of TBTA and is accountable for carrying out its core mission: maintaining good repair of nine bridges and tunnels; collecting toll revenues; protecting these assets from theft or vandalism; as well as overseeing daily operations through crisis response and emergency management. He has expertise in all areas of agency business operations such as tolling, law enforcement, capital planning, budget, procurement, traffic control labor relations incident project management policies training scheduling etc.

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