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Dedrick, Daniel A, Was Prosecuted for Possessing a Machine Gun

Court finds that the Government provided sufficient evidence for Dedrick to be found guilty in his possession of a machine gun violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(o). This evidence includes his admission that Sherman’s background check had been delayed, as evidenced by an indication on Form 4473 by Dedrick himself.

Dedrick testified during cross-examination that he is an authorized Class 3 firearms dealer and is familiar with the paperwork necessary for possessing and selling machine guns.

Early Life and Education

Dedrick was born in Marshalltown, Iowa before later moving with his family to Fort Dodge and Sioux Falls in South Dakota. While in high school he began broadcasting on KSOO and KELO radio stations. Additionally, for 17 years Huset’s Speedway provided bowling announcer duties.

Government witness Chris Guffey testified that Dedrick’s rifle was found during a consent search of her residence on June 7, 2005 accompanied by a warrant, and that there was sufficient evidence presented at trial to secure conviction on all but Count Ten, which charged only Rasmussen.

Professional Career

Dedrick and Debra, two educators themselves, take pride in their profession. Debra has received many honors such as Teacher of the Year; Dedrick’s sister encouraged his pursuit of his doctorate at Trevecca.

Dedrick admitted during direct examination that he was a licensed dealer of Class 3 firearms and familiar with the necessary paperwork required for possessing or selling machine guns. Furthermore, Dedrick testified that there is considerable money to be made by selling registered machine guns.

The Government presented evidence through Carlos Glover and Randolph Sherman that Dedrick attempted to sell Sherman an AK-47 rifle multiple times even though he knew or should have known that federal law prohibited this purchase.

Achievement and Honors

Dedrick has earned both the Program Award and Sub-Program Award from Sandia National Laboratories for his efforts at hydrogen safety, codes, and standards. Under his guidance, advanced testing methodologies were created that improved understanding of phenomena like embrittlement and fatigue; his efforts led to fault-tolerant component and system design standards such as CSA CHMC1 and HPIT1.

Huset’s Speedway appointed him the inaugural announcer, broadcasting race results, commercials and bowling shows on television for 17 years in Sioux City, Iowa. Additionally he hosted a variety show as well as participated in over 25 telethons over his 44 year television career.

Maia Dedrick received a Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant from the National Science Foundation. Emily Gray (Archaeology Major) received a Platt Excavation Fellowship that will fund her summer participation in the Omrit Settlement excavation project.

Personal Life

Dedrick was married to MarJean Dedrick and they shared one son together. He is survived by his wife, daughters and grandchildren as well as by two of his sisters: Jody Swenson of Sioux Falls and Dorothy Cady from Lennox South Dakota as well as numerous nephews with their wives and offspring.

Dedrick was charged in Count Thirteen for possessing and unlawfully possessing a machine gun, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(o). As evidence, ATF agent Denise Brown testified that when she searched a rifle recovered from Dedrick’s residence it had not been registered to him; they also presented video recordings showing Sherman selecting firearms for sale from Dedrick and handling one that Dedrick agreed to sell him during one visit on December 16. Throughout these recordings Sherman handled weapons from Dedrick store; video recordings showed Sherman selecting firearms before discussing possible transactions between himself and Dedrick during these visits as well as video recordings showing these visits taking place throughout December 16 – both recordings featured video of Sherman handling an offer made by Dedrick in Dedrick store that Dedrick agreed to sell him; video recordings also revealed Sherman handling another rifle which Dedrick agreed to sell him from Dedrick during these visits as Hamlin undercover visits involving undercover visits in which Hamlin made his offer of purchase to Dedrick; additionally in one recording from December 16, Sherman seen viewing and handling by Dedrick himself agreeing for sale from him at this store on that date; finally presented video recordings by Hamlin as well.

Net Worth

Tracey A Dedrick completed multiple trades of First Bancorp PR stock worth more than $6,325. She acquired 500 units on 10 March 2023.

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Dan and his brothers Sam and Moses opened a livery stable in White Oaks in 1880, during which time they became involved with William Antrom (better known as Billy the Kid) and his criminal group at Fort Sumner where Billy met up with Dan to skin out, along with Azariah Wild who worked closely with Sheriff Pat Garrett’s deputy Azariah Wild.

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