Daniel Drane

Daniel Drane, PHD

Daniel Drane, PHD is currently practicing neurology and mental health services at 12 Executive Park Drive NE in Phoenix. He accepts multiple insurance providers, is board-certified in Neurology and offers services for Neurological Disorders and Mental Health issues. Dr. Drane has been practicing medicine for more than nine years while also working closely with the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix to improve wellness and mental wellbeing among medical students.

Early Life and Education

Drane serves as an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Clinical Bioethics at Pennsylvania Western University Edinboro and also holds visiting appointments at several institutions such as University of Madrid. Drane’s work centers around helping medical students maintain wellness, reduce anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and burnout as well as make system/policy recommendations to the College leadership in order to create an ideal learning environment for trainees.

Dr. Clement also directs Penn State Marching Blue Band and oversees Athletic Bands program, and acts as arranger and drill designer for basketball and hockey pep bands, and offers non-major music courses that count towards general arts credit. Furthermore, he holds membership with Phi Mu Alpha as well as Pennsylvania Music Educators Association.

Professional Career

Drane has achieved incredible career growth throughout her tenure on Capitol Hill to leading diversity and inclusion efforts at Amazon Web Services. She attributes her success to taking risks and constantly considering the big picture – both traits she attributes as keys to her success. Drane believes success should be measured by its impact on others and strives to make a positive difference for all involved parties involved.

At Penn Western University in Edinboro, she prioritized family life and recognized that striking a balance between work and home life was key for their wellbeing and productivity. She encouraged team members to put aside work-life issues and take some personal time off so they can focus on themselves so they could perform optimally when working on important company projects. James F. Drane died last April.

Achievement and Honors

Drane took part in numerous academic activities during high school and college, being honored with membership on Bethany College’s President’s Athletic Conference Academic Honor Roll. Since then he has held multiple teaching roles; currently being named Director of Wellness for Undergraduate and Graduate Medical Education at UA College of Medicine – Phoenix.

As part of his duties, Dr. Shah works closely with medical students and residents/fellows to reduce anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts among them.

He has earned numerous accolades during his academic career, such as the William McClure Drane Award from APSU. This award honors graduating seniors who exemplify character, scholarship, leadership and service to others – qualities Carr plans on employing at Aetna as an actuarial analyst.

Personal Life

Drane was highly involved in his community, serving as both an alderman in Corsicana and chairman of the board at City National Bank. Additionally, he established the Navarro County Electric Railway while aiding in improving agricultural technology.

He was an active philanthropist for the Navarro County Community Foundation, an initiative geared toward improving people’s wellbeing in his locality through various initiatives.

Businessman and theologian both, he was known for his global perspective and openness to other cultures. Working alongside Spanish physician Pedro Lain Entralgo helped develop virtue ethics philosophy which enhanced bioethics overall; Gnosticism fostered ecumenical dialogue beyond Western Pennsylvania while his articulation of liberal Catholic bioethics proved influential.

Net Worth

Drane has an estimated net worth of approximately $180 Million, consisting of various assets and properties as well as clothing line and liquor brand properties that add additional sources of revenue for him.

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