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Dan Dubelman, a UM Alumnus, is a Partner at MCLLP

Daniel Dubelman is a partner at MCLLP where he provides legal representation to private equity firms and their portfolio companies in complex transactions. A graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law, Daniel has extensive legal knowledge that makes him a sought-after legal expert.

Daniel Dubelman may have been listed under another name in public records; sometimes names can become misspelled due to typos or OCR errors.

Early Life and Education

Dan Dubelman and Vickie, also University of Miami alumni, have two UM graduates in their family: their son, Daniel and daughter, Vicki. When not working on personal creative projects they run VidLits Production Company which produces music videos and Internet films for clients such as Polaroid and Cracker Jack.

Dan Dubelman started Dr. Dan’s Music Show shortly after graduating from University of Montana (UM). With bass player Jerry Jemmott as their co-leader, they quickly earned regular gigs playing to sparse audiences in Western mountain towns. However, after several years, Dubelman found himself sick of empty clubs, stale beer, and his shoe sticking to the floor; thus disbanding and moving west to Los Angeles to practice law specialising in mergers and acquisitions.

Professional Career

Dan Dubelman specializes in representing private equity firms and their portfolio companies in a broad array of complex transactions, providing guidance and counsel. His creativity, understanding of private equity transactions, and dedication to building an exceptional firm culture that fosters exceptional practitioners while creating long-term happiness and career satisfaction for his clients make him an extremely reliable advisor.

Dan and Vickie Dubelman step out of Homey, their RV, at approximately 9 pm Saturday evening and drive toward East Nashville where their destination club lies in wait for them. Carrying guitar cases behind their seats.

Daniel Dubelman is an attorney specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions. Currently practicing in California and being part of the State Bar of California as well as having graduated from University of Virginia School of Law he practices law across North America and internationally.

Achievement and Honors

As an attorney, Dubelman has been recognized by his peers for his outstanding work and commitment to upholding the spirit of his profession. In 2012 he was honored as an Emerging Star attorney; an honor that is reserved only for a select few attorneys within each state.

Dubelman represented his clients with great integrity and was often commended by clients and opposing counsel alike for his creative yet pragmatic approach to transactions. Dubelman’s expert knowledge in private equity transactions enabled him to become an invaluable partner for large and middle market sponsors alike.

At the University of Virginia School of Law, he participated in its Emerging Companies & Venture Capital Society; John W. Glynn Jr Law & Business Program and Review; as well as being a sponsor for its Transactional Law Competition.

Personal Life

Dubelman is a partner at MCLLP where his intellect, knowledge and constructive approach to dealmaking have earned him widespread praise from clients and colleagues. He has extensive experience representing private equity firms and their portfolio companies in diverse transactions and corporate governance matters.

He was recently honored with a Rising Star distinction – reserved only for select attorneys in each state who demonstrate superior skill and excellence in practice. Currently located in California and specialising in Mergers & Acquisitions.

Outside the office, he enjoys woodworking and wine/beer brewing. Additionally, he travels frequently – particularly to national parks – having visited all 50 states as well as Andorra, San Marino and Liechtenstein (his remaining countries/principalities to visit).

Net Worth

Daniel Dubelman, a partner in MCLLP law firm, represents private equity firms and their portfolio companies as well as other public and private companies in complex transactional matters. He has become known for his unparalleled creativity and practicality – qualities consistently acknowledged by clients, peers and opposing counsel alike for his outstanding intellect, knowledge, dealmaking abilities. Dubelman holds his license to practice in California.

He lives at 7660 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles with Audrey Barnett and Maria Trazo.

He currently boasts an estimated net worth of over $11 Million.

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