Daniel Eisner

Daniel Eisner, PA

Daniel Eisner, PA currently practices at Practice. He offers multiple insurance plans and accepts them all.

He possesses extensive domestic and international complex business transaction experience in areas such as private equity buyouts, leveraged buyouts, growth capital investments, PIPEs and debt financings.

Dan specializes in representing private equity firms and their portfolio companies in high-stakes legal disputes.

Early Life and Education

Eisner began as an illustrator and cartoonist for his high school newspaper and designed sets for plays, while never graduating; eventually landing work as an illustrator and cartoonist for newspapers and pulp magazines, creating characters such as Wild Tex Martin (Wild Tex Martin) and Black X (Black X).

After becoming a professor of art, Eisner championed ways arts could aide learning and teaching. He published 17 books and numerous papers on curriculum, aesthetic intelligence, art learning and education as well as lecturing nationally. Eisner was an advocate of Discipline-Based Art Education which emphasizes making, appreciating and understanding artwork to develop children’s conceptual knowledge base while at the same time being proponents of visual literacy as an important communication tool.

Professional Career

Daniel Eisner is a partner at Schulte Roth & Zabel’s M&A and securities group, where he represents private equity firms as well as other corporate clients in high-stakes matters involving mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts and restructurings on both a domestic and international basis.

Eisner provides advice to companies regarding corporate governance and securities matters. He regularly assists boards of directors and other executives on fiduciary duties, disclosure obligations and contentious matters.

He has extensive experience negotiating and drafting entertainment, media, and intellectual property contracts for public and private companies alike as well as representing individual celebrities, producers, managers, writers and other creative individuals. Furthermore, he has represented companies involved with developing, producing, distributing and promoting intellectual property or artistic ventures.

Achievement and Honors

The Eisner Awards honor excellence in comic book creators and related forms of popular art. Winners are recognized at San Diego Comic-Con and internationally.

Image Comics again received the highest number of nominations at this year’s Comic-Con International Award Show, taking home nominations in categories ranging from Best Graphic Novel, Artist and Continuing Series – notching an impressive seven nominations altogether! Sana Takeda and James Tynion IV each received multiple mentions.

This year, The Eisner Awards debuted a brand-new award: the Hall of Fame trophy. This commemorates 11 deceased comics pioneers and four living legends who will be inducted during a daytime program at Comic-Con instead of at their traditional Friday evening Eisners ceremony.

Personal Life

Eisner is deeply committed to his profession as a businessman, taking great pride in the success of his profession. To this end, he has chosen his profession as the benchmark by which to define himself – perhaps that explains its continued growth over time.

Sigmund Eisner was an active community member who gave back through various charitable events. He served on the Board of Monmouth Memorial Hospital as well as being a trustee at New Jersey State Reformatory School at Jamesburg. Additionally, he served on and Vice President of Monmouth County Organization for Social Service.

He currently serves as senior counsel in Schulte Roth & Zabel’s New York office and specializes in complex business transactions such as domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, growth equity/venture capital investments as well as debt financings/roll-ups.

Net Worth

Eisner has become one of the premier private equity investors, amassing an immense fortune through his investments. He currently boasts an estimated net worth of over $1 billion and also enjoys an illustrious career outside Disney – owning Portsmouth FC while having interests in various technology firms through Tornante Company investment firm.

Eisner was responsible for overseeing and negotiating numerous complex business transactions ranging from domestic and international mergers and acquisitions to leveraged buyouts, debt financings, roll-ups and restructurings. Additionally, he advised private equity firms and portfolio companies on corporate governance issues and securities related matters.

After working at Paramount Pictures, he became CEO of Disney in 1984 and oversaw its remarkable turnaround, increasing share value by an astounding 10x increase. However, in 2005 after an ugly shareholder revolt led by Walt’s nephew Roy Disney (see below), the former executive left in 2005 due to bitter shareholder unrest.

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