Daniel Fannin

The Life of Daniel Fannin

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Fannin, a 26-year veteran special agent for the IRS, has spent 26 years investigating cases involving tax evasion, money laundering, fraud and illegal gambling. He works closely with other federal agencies such as the FBI and DEA.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Fannin was born December 1942. Currently he resides in Steilacoom, Washington and previously resided at 48 Hewitt Drive Steilacoom WA 98388; also at: 10917 East Minnesota Avenue Sun Lakes Arizona 1107 Village E Pkwy Spanaway Washington and 13604 21st E Avenue Tacoma Washington

He has served the IRS as a special agent for over 26 years and collaborated closely with other government agencies such as the FBI and Secret Service to conduct investigations involving income tax evasion, money laundering, illegal gambling, human trafficking and narcotics trafficking.

Blanca M Nicholas, Brenna J Winter, Carolyn J Hyke, Carrie L Barron, Colleen G Ito and Colton Kray are all likely his close associates and coworkers; and he may also have one known child.

Professional Career

Fannin quickly earned his peers’ admiration at DBC. He earned several football letters and was elected President of his Junior Class; yet still managed to maintain an outstanding grade point average despite an intensive schedule.

Staff Sgt. Daniel Fannin of the 552nd Operations Support Squadron at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma was tragically killed April 27 when his MC-12 aircraft crashed near Kandahar Airfield while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. The Department of Defense is conducting an investigation into its cause.

Fannin was described by his students as an exceptional professor who always made themselves available to them in order to help them excel academically. He offered plenty of test preparation resources, quickly responded to email inquiries and was an exceptional communicator – his kindness and generosity will be sorely missed by them all.

Achievement and Honors

He has earned numerous honors for his legal expertise and been recognized as a “Top Lawyer” by multiple publications. Furthermore, he regularly lectures and presents seminars regarding legal matters.

He’s an exceptional educator! He takes time out of class or after to answer any queries that arise during or after class, making the subject engaging and accessible to his students. I highly recommend taking his ACC 355 course!

Sonya Fannin was devastated when her husband, Captain Stephen Fannin, was killed in an Air Force plane crash over Afghanistan. However, Del City, Oklahoma put an end to this fear by dedicating an E-3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft replica in his honor at Tinker Air Force Base – drawing national acclaim and attention for both Tinker Air Force Base and Del City College as a result of this gesture.

Personal Life

Daniel Fannin was a Sensor Operator assigned to Tinker Air Force Base’s 552nd Operations Support Squadron at Tinker Air Force Base. Hailing from Morehead, Kentucky and having joined in 2001 as an E-3 air surveillance technician and MC-12 sensor operator respectively; three deployed tours as both have since concluded successfully before his tragic death along with three others near Kandahar Airfield (for which investigation into cause).

Local and state officials in Rowan County have designated part of Kentucky 801 in Rowan County as SSG Daniel Fannin Memorial Highway, from Interstate 64 to Fleming County Line. A memorial service for Fannin will take place May 1. His wife Sonya remains in Oklahoma City. Known relatives include James Stewart, Jack Miller, Charles Childs Amy Flores, Julia Fannin.

Net Worth

Staff Sgt. Daniel Fannin was 30 when he died April 27, 2013 in an MC-12 Liberty crash near Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan. After graduating high school in Morehead, Kentucky in 2001 he joined the Air Force and spent eleven years with 552nd Operations Support Squadron at Tinker Air Force Base near Oklahoma as an airborne surveillance instructor and sensor operator.

As well as teaching accounting at the McCombs School of Business at UT Austin, he was also a licensed private investigator and financial professional at Sage Investigations. Working closely with federal law enforcement agencies including the FBI and DEA on cases concerning income tax evasion, money laundering, illegal gaming and narcotics trafficking; working on investigations in multiple industries like banking, investment, mail real estate construction trucking.

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