Daniel Halseth

The Death of Daniel Halseth

On April 9th 2021, Daniel Halseth, a divorced father with two teenaged children was found murdered and dismembered in his garage. Sierra and Aaron Guerrero, his daughter Sierra’s boyfriend Aaron Guerrero’s parents-in-law were charged in his killing but continued mocking police on YouTube even while being arrested; currently both of them remain behind bars in Nevada.

Personal Life

Daniel Halseth married Elizabeth soon after high school and they went on to have three children together. However, after Elizabeth won a state senator position in Nevada she found herself traveling frequently leaving Daniel as primary parent for Sierra. Daniel tried his best to bring out her smiles as much as possible while Elizabeth traveled often for work – this left Daniel feeling responsible as primary caretaker.

Daniel had an immense love of people and was often lifting them up, often using his free time to assist returning veterans. Daniel was very passionate about music – playing drums and piano; fitness enthusiasts; spending time with his family; but in 2021 was found murdered by his daughter and her boyfriend after firefighters responded to a small garage fire; when firefighters discovered over 70 cuts had been inflicted upon Daniel as they put out the flames they found that his body had been dismembered by having its contents burned away by firefighter’s while a fire fighters discovered over 70 stab wounds had been cut across him before being dismembered as firefighters put out said fire started within minutes from being discovered it had gone out by this means that when firefighters discovered that Daniel’s head had dismembered with no survivors found them after fire fighters put out fire a small fire that his garage, firefighters discovered his body had been attacked from both his daughter and boyfriend before it finally ended its tragic end by firefighter’s finding him murdered in 2021 by firefighters put out small fire that fire fighters put out small fire had discovered that Daniel had been attacked multiple times before finally dismembered and dismembered before dismemberment had occurred when fire fighters put out small fire at which point firefighters found dismembered him!

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