Daniel Hedgecoth

Daniel Hedgecoth Passes Away June 12, 2022

PFC Daniel James Hedgecoth passed away June 12, 2022 while serving his country. An active-duty Marine, Daniel was an avid Alabama and Bobcat football fan and enjoyed riding horses and hunting. He looked up to his brother Chase for guidance and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with family and friends.

Early Life and Education

Hedgecoth was an esteemed percussion teacher who also judged and coached bands at various competitions and music festivals. As an incredibly dedicated teacher he instilled in children the importance of dedication and responsibility while serving both First Baptist Church in Crossville as well as Homestead community organizations.

He was an avid Alabama and Bobcat football fan, loved riding horses, was an amazing friend, and deeply loved his family. Unfortunately, both his father Corey Lynn Hedgecoth and brother Jonathan Alsup passed away before him; but his memory lives on through Tracy Chapman, Chase Tate from Pulaski Tennessee as well as various Aunts Uncles & Cousins.

On Wednesday, June 29th at Bennett-May & Pierce Funeral Home and Crematory will be funeral services.

Professional Career

In his career, he taught at various schools in Tennessee and received many awards for excellence. Alongside teaching, he played music with various bands that toured across the United States. He was an excellent and engaging educator; encouraging his students to be creative while always believing in themselves.

He was a member of American Federation of Musicians Local 546 and also served on its Board. Additionally, he judged several band competitions.

He is survived by Chase Hedgecoth of Pulaski, Lacy Stanford of Pulaski (his adoptive mom), Kenzie Tate from Pulaski (his love), as well as various aunts, uncles, and cousins. Memorial donations may be made in his name to Giles County Football Program or Wounded Warriors.

Achievement and Honors

Plaques honoring his band’s superior ratings at state competitions line the walls of Bearden Middle School music room, where he served as judge. Furthermore, Remo drum set manufacturer presented him with a lifetime achievement award in 1987.

He is survived by his adopted mother, Lacy Stanford and Kenzie Tate; brother Chase Hedgecoth and Mackenzie Alsup Hand; grandparents Craig and Phyllis Holley of Petersburg as well as Harvey Dean Wells and James Wells from Lewis County; as well as numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins.

In lieu of flowers, Bennett-May & Pierce Funeral Home requests memorial contributions be made in her name to Giles County Football Program and/or Wounded Warriors. Funeral arrangements will be handled accordingly.

Personal Life

Daniel Hedgecoth lives an active social life outside the workplace. He belongs to several professional associations as well as Tempe Rotary Club. An avid golfer himself, Daniel is well-liked by all.

He leaves behind his wife Jennifer and sons Corey and Daniel as well as siblings Phyllis Holley (and husband Craig), Ronnie Hedgecoth and Melissa of Pulaski, Tim Barnickle/Lydia of Pulaski as well as an extended family including aunts, uncles, cousins.

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Net Worth

Hedgecoth reportedly estimated his net worth to be roughly $5 Million, thanks to assets such as vintage car collection and estate in Crossville, Tennessee; business ownership in Knoxville; real estate properties located throughout Knoxville area and membership at Knoxville Country Club. Surviving him are wife Evelyn Bonney Hedgecoth; daughters Sherry Hedgecoth and Phyllis Holley as well as Breylan and Olivia; sister Nancy Buckner as well as nephew Cleon Hartman II who all predeceased him; preded by parents Chester Arthur Hedgecoth and Siddie Roberts Hedgecoth;

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