Daniel Helderle

Daniel Helderle

Daniel Helderle is an award-winning software developer and consultant. A graduate from Northern Illinois University DeKalb with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Business Administration, Helderle currently works as the Lead Software Architect for SMartX Advisory Solutions of Lisle, Illinois as well as serving on their Lisle CUSD 202 Facilitating Team.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Helderle was born and educated at Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. A loving husband, father, brother, son, and friend; Daniel loved fishing, bowling, backyard gardening and baseball – his passions. At his core was an extraordinary handyman and artist – both skills he was proud to showcase in his artwork. A lover of life, he will be missed dearly by many; including his wife Barb Schroeder; daughters Amy Schroeder and Sarah AuBuchon; as well as grandchild Elliot Alan Edward AuBuchon. Bill Schroeder is survived by his brothers Bill Schroeder and John Schroeder; as well as sisters Rosean Zufall and Jeanette Blain. His mother and father-in-law Eugene Zufall predeceased him, as do 14 nieces and nephews whom he advocated for when needed. He will always be remembered fondly.

Professional Career

Helderle has been developing software since 1992, first as a programmer and later as project manager. He has held roles with Chase/Bank One, Zurich Insurance and major not-for-profits where he performed Business Analysis activities. At present he serves as Lead Software Architect of SMartX Advisory Solutions while serving on their Board of Education in Lisle, Illinois. At Northern Illinois University DeKalb he studied both computer science and business administration to earn his Bachelor’s of Science degree.

Personal Life

Helderle is a resident of Lisle and earned his Bachelor of Science from Northern Illinois University DeKalb with a major in computer science and a minor in business administration. Since 1992 he has worked in software industry. Helderle earned certification as Project Management Institute certified project manager as well as becoming lead software architect of SMartX Advisory Solutions, Inc. as well as serving on their Vision 202 Facilitating Team.

He leaves behind his beloved wife, Barb Schroeder; daughters Amy Schroeder (Zac Oldenburg) and Sarah AuBuchon (Jake AuBuchon and recent grandson Elliot Alan Edward AuBuchon); sister-in-law Rosean Zufall; brothers-in-law Daryl Zufall, Norman Zufall and Kenny Zufall; 14 nieces and nephews as well as many great memories he will be dearly missed by. He will always be remembered fondly.

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