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Artist Daniel Hesidence

Daniel Hesidence’s paintings tilt toward transcendence. His intuitive exploration of visual articulation reemerges as an unnamed source of shared experience.

His most recent series features camels, pyramids, botanical shapes, cursive letter forms, and green flecks; Hesidence rarely names his paintings.

He paints to express and to reveal.

Early Life and Education

Hesidence’s paintings portray an abstract means of communication that defies language and induces feelings of meditative fixation. Hesidence often employs repeating forms to create the impression of shape or volume – thus translating reticent sentiments into tactile physicality.

Hesidence’s most recent works are powerful in their visual intensity. A palette of earthy siennas and umbers convey a sense of luminosity; 1736 features two camel-like figures outlined with stark black lines on an emerald canvas, trailing behind a trail of purple-green hues that illuminates them like stars in the night sky. Hesidence strategically arranges these elements close together to suggest an unending storyline; not worldbuilding but wayfinding! The Book of Daniel can be found within the Ketuvim (Writings) section of the Old Testament and contains stories retelling Daniel’s trials and triumphs as part of its tradition-rich storytelling tradition. It was intended to encourage persecuted Jews by showing how those with faith could overcome difficulties; furthermore, its author intended it as an apocalyptic visionary text.

Professional Career

Hesidence decodes the waters of imagination through an intuitive negotiation of tangible media. His methods not only incorporate his refusal of certainty, but also careful observation of paint phenomena and an obsession for creating an unimpeachable surface.

Heidence’s delicate abstractions evoke a deeper level of collective awareness. His latest piece 1 7 3 6 depicts an enchanting web of color entanglement with bulbous brown marks pushed in multiple directions to suggest both volume and luminosity.

Hesidence’s meditative fields of color oscillate between modernist and primordial, conjuring images that oscillate between primal and emotive sub-language communication that exceeds linguistic structure’s limitations. His work tracks perception with cosmological urgency – his bruised valentines for our persistent veil of polite civility.

Achievement and Honors

Hesidence’s paintings achieve visual expression through visual articulation in order to foster shared experiences more freely and seamlessly. Her pieces blend modernism with primitivism.

His art evokes botanical shapes, archaic symbols, sky and ground – yet never coalesce into identifiable figures. When colors suggest desert and sand terrains hesidence ruthlessly mushed the paint away to prevent recognition of such forms.

These paintings reveal a romantic sense of virtuosity similar to de Kooning and Gorky. However, they push limits of technique with tiny tracks or patternlike marks; also repeated clusters of white which resemble dinosaur vertebrae or cat footprints on your car.

Hesidence’s most recent exhibition at Canada Gallery in New York City is entitled Place Holders and offers further evidence of his poetics and technique. His emerald canvas abounds with close-up palm fronds and trunks as well as a slim body mode featuring purple and red tones edged in black for contrast.

Personal Life

Daniel Hesidence (b. 1975 in Akron OH) employs painting as a sub-language form of communication – creating emotive symbols which predate and transcend linguistic structures. His phantasmagoric paintings veer between modernist and primordial imagery.

Hesidence often takes the same form, consisting of three three-sided glyphs which shift shape based on where they’re placed on canvas. A painting depicting green fields often features this motif that appears close up as palm fronds, tree trunks or body modes outlined with black ink.

His work is an exercise in decoding consciousness, exploring imagination through tangible media. His paintings document an ongoing dialogue where each image builds on and progresses from another, showing how visual information holds historical, personal and metaphysical meaning.

Net Worth

Daniel Hesidence’s net worth has been estimated between $1 and $2 Million dollars, due to his earnings as a painter.

Hesidence’s work tends towards the transcendental. Through visual articulation, his canvases conjure sensual associations of sound, touch, motion and scent to convey synaesthetic experiences that aim to capture all forms of perception.

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