Daniel Husain

Biographical Information on Daniel Husain

Husain was born into a Sulemani family in Pandharpur. However, when his mother passed away when he was only two years old – leaving him under the care of his grandfather for caregiving duties.

He would often accompany his grandfather, Acchan Mian, a farrier who put iron shoes on horse hooves – providing an invaluable source for his world-renowned paintings of horses.

Early Life and Education

The Book of Daniel (also referred to as “Prophecy of Daniel”) is an Old Testament Ketuvim book which chronicles stories pertaining to Daniel and his friends. It serves as a key source for apocalyptic literature.

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Husain has ventured beyond painting into jewelry design, writing, and acting with Barry John Acting Studio. A well-recognized industry professional and instructor at Houston Training Center. Husain holds both Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering.

Professional Career

Husain has participated in various cutting-edge food processing projects. Most notably, at CedarLane Natural Foods he developed an alternative technology using high pressure sterilization instead of thermal for refrigerated distribution.

He serves on the Board of Trustees of University of California San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy and has received various awards and fellowships for his efforts on human rights and judicial reform.

Dr. Husain’s practice centers around team-based care, which involves working alongside patients on their journey toward optimal health outcomes. It brings him great satisfaction to see patients make healthy lifestyle changes and achieve great outcomes like seeing blood sugars under control or cholesterol and blood pressure under control. He finds great joy in seeing this happen every day!

Achievement and Honors

Husain brings over 12 years of technical expertise in consulting the aerospace and automotive industries. He currently leads a premium British luxury brand’s powertrain electrification strategy.

Hussain first began painting cinema hoardings to supplement his income and quickly established a presence among Francis Newton Souza’s Bombay Progressive Artists group. Soon after, he won their 1947 Annual Exhibition prize and began receiving recognition for his art.

Husain belonged to the Sulemani community and sought freedom of expression when depicting religious cultures from around the world, leading him into confrontations with Hindu fundamentalist groups like Bajrang Dal. These events ultimately caused many complaints against him before being exiled to London in 2006. He died there at 93.

Personal Life

Husain was an unwavering supporter of truth and justice. He believed in God, believing that beauty’s power could overcome even the strongest of tyrants.

Hussain was an artist of great controversy who found themselves the target of harsh criticisms due to his paintings being published in a Hindi magazine called Vichar Mimansa in 1996, prompting Hindu nationalist groups to file 8 complaints against Hussain for creating division between various communities through depicting Durga and Saraswati as sexualized icons in his paintings.

Hussain led an eventful and fulfilling life despite these scandals. He developed an affinity for Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit whom he considered his muse. He spent much of his later years living between Dubai and London and also received citizenship of Qatar before passing away on June 9, 2011 in London.

Net Worth

Husain’s estimated net worth ranges between $1 Million – $5 Million dollars based on his earnings & income over time as an Artist.

Hussain was sought-after during the pandemic for his medical expertise and experience, filling in for front-line surgeons unable to work due to quarantine restrictions, while also treating many athletes for the Ontario Reign, an affiliate team of Los Angeles Kings.

Hussain prefers keeping his personal life confidential. He and Marshall do not yet have children, though they remain open to adoption in the future. At present, the couple resides in California after having been in a relationship since 1996; Hussain enjoys traveling frequently as well as spending time in his home city of Mumbai.

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