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The Attorney General’s Office of Special Investigation is Investigating a Town of Niagara Officer-Involved Shooting

Family members describe Kachinoski as a loving father who enjoyed working with his hands. He graduated from Niagara Wheatfield High School and worked as a roofer and mechanic.

Officers Wagner and Micale entered Kachinoski’s home, demanding they leave after several minutes of talking with him. Body cam video clearly demonstrates their attempts at tasering him after lengthy exchanges between themselves and Kachinoski.

Early Life and Education

Attorney General’s Office of Special Investigation is investigating an officer-involved shooting at Town of Niagara Police that left Daniel Kachinoski dead, aged 40. Family members report that Daniel was shot after becoming embroiled in an argument between himself, his mother and her partner after arriving home from nursing work at a local hospital.

Body camera footage indicates that officers Wagner and Micale were summoned by Kachinoski’s mother for questioning in his home, however upon entering they became agitated as soon as Kachinoski demanded they leave his residence and picked up a chair as well as a knife to attack the officers before lunging forward towards them with them both holding weapons; Wagner fired two rounds from his duty weapon striking Kachinoski twice in the chest area.

Kachinoski was an entrepreneur who enjoyed working on cars and engines. A graduate of Niagara Wheatfield High School, he was raising his son alone as a single father.

Professional Career

After 40-year-old Daniel Kachinoski was shot to death last November by Town of Niagara Police Department officers, an investigation by the Attorney General’s Office of Special Investigation was opened into their actions. Police allege he attempted to attack officers who responded to his home on Chester Avenue for domestic disturbance after his mother informed them there was a child inside. Police allege he grabbed a sharp knife before charging at them; two attempts at using Taser failed.

Body camera footage indicates that Officer Micale fired two Taser stun shots at Kachinoski, yet neither tether attached or immobilized him. Meanwhile, Kachinoski picked up both chair and knife before proceeding towards Wagner and continuing his attack. Wagner fired his gun twice at Kachinoski causing two fatal hits in his chest area.

Personal Life

Family members say Kachinoski was a hard worker who loved his job as a roofer and also worked on cars and trucks. An entrepreneur, he always helped out his neighbors and had an intense faith. A father with pride in raising his son, he graduated from Niagara Wheatfield High School before passing away unexpectedly at just 26. He will be missed dearly by everyone that knew him.

After Kachinoski died, the Attorney General’s Office initiated an investigation. While its cause of his death is yet to be ascertained, according to their timeline investigators were summoned by Kachinoski’s mother and arrived at his Chester Avenue home after they demanded they leave when he demanded they leave and threatened body camera video shows him picking up both chair and knife before attacking officers with it.

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