Daniel Lambardo

Meet Daniel Lambardo, President & CEO at Volunteers of America Pennsylvania

Daniel lambardo works at Volunteers of America Pennsylvania as a management position holder. He joined this company only recently.

Dr. Lombardo specializes in knee and hip replacement surgeries and revisions. A graduate of Universita di Roma, Dr. Lombardo is affiliated with Hospital of Saint Raphael and Yale New Haven Hospitals.

Early Life and Education

Lombardo participated in national motocross races as an early teenager, even winning one national championship before an accident paralyzed him from the chest down. With encouragement from his mother and an education in technical drafting from high school, he went on to graduate and find work with Diesel Energy Systems Company of Temecula California designing mechanical parts.

But he couldn’t bury the past. He continued to be consumed with Joe’s death and interrogate his uncles for information. It particularly infuriated him when he learned his father continued doing business with Outfit killer Lombardo after knowing of their connection to organized crime.

Professional Career

Lombardo is an active member of the Emily Dickinson International Society and has written many studies about Amherst’s famed poet. Additionally, he serves on several state and local committees related to human services and community corrections.

New Jersey Family Development Advisory Board and Parole Advisory Board as well as Philadelphia Mayor’s Task Force on Management and Productivity were both led by him, with him also acting as trustee of Richard B. Ryon Insurance Company of Walnutport Pennsylvania.

In 2003, Lombardo collaborated on six tracks with Finnish cello metal band Apocalyptica’s album Reflections and has also served as regular drummer at Testament reunion shows. Additionally, he collaborated on an improvisatonal quartet project featuring John Zorn, Bill Laswell, and Fred Frith; plus two albums by progressive metal group Symphony X.

Achievement and Honors

He has taken six medals at senior European Cup level competition. Representing Italy at London and Tampere events, and winning silver at European Championships held in Dubrovnik 2016.

Lombardo currently sits on the Board of Directors for Volunteers of America Pennsylvania, established in 2016. Additionally, he serves as Lions District 14-K Governor and on Sights for Hope’s board.

As a drummer for Testament album The Gathering and avant-garde sculptor Matthew Barney’s 1999 Cremaster 2 album featuring John Zorn, Bill Laswell, Fred Frith, and William Winant; as well as being featured on Apocalyptica’s 2003 Reflections album as their drummer.

Personal Life

Lombardo currently works at Volunteers of America Pennsylvania as President & CEO and has been there less than one year; previously he worked at one other company.

Emma began to suspect Lombardo of having Mob ties, and became increasingly concerned that he may be using Plastic-Matic as a money laundering scheme. Her fears increased after learning of an FBI witness – Tony Spilotro’s brother.

Joe and Nick traveled the next day down a winding cemetery road towards their father’s gravesite, crunching through fresh snowfall as they stopped under an ancient pine for a short rest and an embrace.

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