Daniel Linehan

Daniel Linehan

Linehan wrote science and technology features for various publications such as Science & Technology Review and NIF & Photon Science (the giant laser that powers Star Trek Enterprise’s warp core). In addition, he produced multimedia.

Born and raised in Seattle, he studied choreographic arts with Miguel Gutierrez of Big Art Group for four years in New York before taking up residence at Movement Research as an artist-in-residence for 2007.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Linehan hails from Seattle and developed his choreographic art in New York with Miguel Gutierrez of Big Art Group as well as Michael Helland in duo performances throughout North America and Europe. Additionally he served as Movement Research Artist-in-Residence from 2007-2008 in New York.

Linehan was unable to control his chronic substance abuse problem and demonstrated frequent relapses despite receiving inpatient and outpatient care for many months. In his petition for voluntary revocation, Linehan acknowledged that this ongoing addiction had compromised his ability to practice law effectively.

Linehan described himself in his sworn testimony as being a person “with sound judgment when sober,” and pledged to uphold the standards of legal profession if allowed back into practice. Additionally, he expressed an earnest wish to continue practicing law as soon as possible.

Professional Career

Linehan enjoyed a brief collegiate basketball career before going on to play professionally in Europe and the NBA D-League, serving as assistant coach at Temple and Drexel universities as well as acting as an advisor.

Linehan’s work seeks to blur the boundaries between dance and other disciplines by exploring unlikely collaborations and juxtapositions of movements, words, images, songs and videos. His choreography often becomes part of one’s body memory strata over time.

His award-winning solo, endlessly spinning around a central point, explores the seduction of classifying, ordering and structuring. Other recent works by Michael Helland include dbddbb (group work that recalls protest march, techno club dance party and an ecstatic ritual) and Vita Activa (week long workshop for 40 unemployed individuals culminating in public performance co-directed with Michael Helland).

Achievement and Honors

He is a founding member of New Wave Associates at deSingel (Antwerp, Belgium) and Research Associate at Sadler’s Wells Theatre (London, UK). His work often blurs the boundary between dance and other disciplines, drawing inspiration from forms such as those by Merce Cunningham and Trisha Brown as well as more recent developments in non-dance performance art.

Since 2009, he has made great strides toward recovery, attending local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings multiple times each week. This change in outlook and attitude has drastically transformed his outlook and outlook: now enjoying life with no regrets whatsoever and having peace of mind; as well as feeling trusted enough to uphold legal profession standards.

Personal Life

Daniel Linehan was an affectionate husband, father and grandfather who enjoyed mental challenges, puzzles and beating the odds. His loving family will miss him dearly; Kolstad Family Funeral Home of Centuria is honored to take care of his funeral arrangements.

Daniel spent four years cultivating his choreographic art in New York, working closely with Miguel Gutierrez of Big Art Group and Michael Helland on numerous duo performances presented in New York, Philadelphia and Montreal. Additionally he was resident artist at Movement Research (New York). Directly admitted into P.A.R.T.S research program he now makes his home in Brussels.

His creations include solo Digested Nois (2004), Human Content Pile (2006) and Montage for Three (2009). Additionally, he published A No Can Make Space, which brings together and organizes the evidence of ten years of choreographic practice.

Net Worth

Graham Linehan is a celebrated Irish comedy writer known for co-creating numerous critically acclaimed television shows, most notably Father Ted (co-created with Arthur Mathews in 1995) and Black Books (co-created with Dylan Moran in 2000). His works combine irreverent humor with social critique for an irresistibly entertaining experience.

Linehan was known to suffer from drug and alcohol dependency; following an episode in the early 1990s he was no longer able to practice law and had filed petitions in 1996 and 1998 for reinstatement; both petitions were ultimately withdrawn by authorities.

Linehan currently resides in De Pere, Wisconsin and takes great pride in being an Irishman; this aspect of his identity informs much of his creative practice as he often references Irish culture and history in his artwork.

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