Daniel Longoria

Daniel Longoria

Daniel Longoria and Travis, his stepbrothers, both grew up in poverty with their mom and two separate stepfathers but insist they did not deal drugs or engage in any illicit activity as children.

Daniel currently works as a park ranger at North Peninsula State Park and enjoys both its tranquillity and sense of camaraderie.

Early Life and Education

Longoria, also a producer and director, is best known for her roles on Desperate Housewives and Telenovela. Additionally, she has written a cookbook and participated in various charitable efforts; advocating on behalf of undocumented immigrants by accompanying border patrol.

Longoria and Baston have two children together. She is an active supporter of the Democratic Party, having endorsed President Obama’s reelection bid and founding both Latino Victory Project and Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

Daniel Longoria was found guilty in 2021 on federal conspiracy charges related to marijuana trafficking operations, hoping his nonviolent offenses will earn him a reduced sentence and allow him to resume working at his family’s body repair shop.

Professional Career

Longoria began his teaching career after graduating from Texas A&M University. From 1999-2001 he taught seventh grade at Hidalgo Elementary before serving as head football coach, head track assistant, basketball assistant coach and strength and conditioning coach for Progresso Middle and High schools from 2001-2004. Additionally he served as Rio Grande City High School.

He was chosen by the Tampa Bay Rays in the first round of their 2006 amateur draft and quickly advanced through their minor league system, reaching AAA after only 36 games as a professional.

Longoria made his major league debut against the Baltimore Orioles on April 12, 2007 and made an immediate impression by hitting two home runs against Masahiro Tanaka during that game. Longoria hit his inaugural homer off Tanaka in the 1st inning to score Corey Dickerson; followed it up later with another homer off him during the 2nd.

Achievement and Honors

Longoria has garnered many accolades and awards in her time working within the entertainment industry, in addition to becoming an esteemed philanthropist and political activist.

Longoria achieved two World Series victories during his time with the Tampa Bay Rays and was honored as American League Rookie of the Year in 2008. Additionally, he has won both a Screen Actors Guild Award and numerous ALMA awards.

Speaker Joe Straus appointed Longoria to the House Appropriations Committee during the 85th legislative session and since spring 2017, he has held one of the most powerful roles in state government as vice chair. Additionally, Longoria serves on Finance & Investments Committee and Local & Consent Calendars Committee while being an Honorary Life Member of Texas Exes Association.

Personal Life

Longoria currently resides in an outdated one-story home with his sister and her family, where his incarceration has had an adverse impact. Longoria’s absence has had a lasting impact, particularly upon her sister who runs an auto repair shop owned by them – she no longer has enough funds to keep it going without him there to contribute financially.

He’s an enthusiastic outdoorsman who relishes nature at North Peninsula State Park where he works as a park ranger – his job involves clearing trash, recording safety and wildlife observations and informing park visitors.

He enjoys working on cars as an auto mechanic. Should he receive clemency, he would seek employment immediately upon release in order to support his sister and family financially and obtain medical insurance coverage – giving him hope for an optimistic future.

Net Worth

Longoria has found great success as an actor and producer, but she has also amassed significant wealth through business ventures. She launched her own fashion line in 2015 as well as signing various endorsement deals. Furthermore, Longoria is an active philanthropist having contributed funds and time towards various causes.

Longoria became engaged to Jaime Edmondson during the 2014 season. They share one child together named Nash and currently reside in San Antonio, Texas; previously living in a rundown house near a baseball stadium but more recently moving into a luxury property worth an incredible $2 Million! Additionally, Longoria and Edmondson participate in several charitable endeavors through Wins for Warriors foundation.

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