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Tattoo Artist Dan Lucero

Daniel Lucero has been tattooing for 13 years in Scottsdale, Arizona. His creative and entrepreneurial drive helped make this dream of his come true.

Chef Lucero currently supports the culinary team at AFICI and his expertise is focused on whole animal butchery, handmade pasta production and charcuterie production. Additionally he is adept in fermentation as well as baking/patisserie techniques.

Early Life and Education

Chef Lucero, a 2007 Valley graduate who excelled academically and on the baseball field. Beloved by both friends and teammates alike, Chef’s tragic death from injuries sustained during a weekend traffic accident is all the more heartbreaking.

He was an active member of the Black Law Students Association and competed on Trial Advocacy Board competitions; placing third in his inaugural year. These achievements reflect hard work and dedication on his part.

In 2014, he led a successful effort to overturn requirements in Kansas and Arizona requiring voter registrants to present proof of citizenship documents for registration purposes. His arguments convinced a three-judge panel that such requirements did not reduce fraudulent voting – making this case historic.

Professional Career

Dan was determined and never gave up fighting cancer, never giving in even when it looked hopeless. His loved ones included his wife, daughters and son-in-law; as well as two special little boys that honored him as “Pa”. Their names were Emmerson and Grayson respectively.

Chef Lucero attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Arizona and quickly established an impressive portfolio in Michelin-star restaurants as well as fast casual establishments, specialising in whole animal butchery, handmade pastas and charcuterie production.

At AFICI, he collaborates with Chef Upper to execute a contemporary American menu featuring whole animal utilization and fermentation; French and Italian flavour profiles and techniques are also integral parts of his kitchen practice.

Achievement and Honors

As Commander of the 1st Infantry Division he oversaw 116 towns and cities in western Mindanao including Basilan. Additionally he oversaw the 103rd Brigade. With his distinguished service record that included fighting illegal logging operations, warning multiple registrants during elections, protecting peace covenants and actively participating in MILF reconciliation initiatives, his record is nothing less than impressive.

He is survived by his wife Amy Black Lucero; parents Daniel and Presiliana Lucero; sister Vanessa Lucero as well as numerous nieces, nephews, and close friends. For funeral arrangements please contact Cutshall Funeral Home of Iuka, Mississippi at 601-442-1060

He spent his free time roping, fishing, kayaking and sitting around a campfire with friends. Additionally, he enjoyed reading history and playing music; starting DJing career alongside DJ Aciq from Alamogordo and eventually becoming known as DJ NerVouS.

Personal Life

Dan Lucero grew up on a farm, working alongside his family wherever the fields took them. During World War II he served in the U.S. Army as both truck driver and sharpshooter, earning several medals as recognition of his service.

He loved working on the ranch and camping. He is survived by his wife Virginia; sons Mark and Daniel; daughter-in-law Denise Lesperance and grandchildren Isaiah Reynolds, Andrew Reynolds, Juliana Lucero as well as Juliana’s brother Clarence Lucero who has his children Darlene Lucero, Viola Lucero as well as Faith Chance Damacio Mariah who are his surviving loved ones.

His family has dedicated Sun Gold Tattoo and Barber in memory of their daughter Zoie and are thankful for all the love and support from the community as they endeavor to keep her memory alive through their work.

Net Worth

Joseph Lucero has amassed an estimated net worth of $16 Million as an American actor. Over his long acting career he has featured in various films and television shows as well as producing several. A native of Long Beach he has been active in the entertainment industry since early 2000s.

On AiScore, he currently plays for Arsenal Sarandi in their previous match against Instituto de Cordoba and has also competed in Liga Profesional and Copa de la Liga competitions. The graphic on his player page shows his participation in all matches and competitions with green highlighting showing which main positions were taken; additionally this graphic can be further customized by filtering for general, discipline, defending disruption passing and creation stats.

He currently resides at 6170 Pinewood Avenue in Las Vegas, Clark County Nevada 89103 for 15 years and commutes daily via Long Beach Transit (LBT) system to his work place.

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