Daniel McCloud

Who is Daniel McCloud?

Daniel McCloud is a professional percussionist and educator. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Percussion Performance from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and has composed over thirty percussion compositions.

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Early Life and Education

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Daniel Miller McCloud was born in Indiana on the month of November 1857 and died there three decades later on November 19, 1969.

He married Susan Adams McCloud (born Spry) in 1904 at Pennsylvania; this union gave them one child: Norma McCloud.

He married Janet Russell McCloud (born McCullough ) in Kentucky on January 9, 1925 and they had three children: Matilda Wellman, Tibatha Vance and William Anderson McCloud. Unfortunately Janet passed away in Oregon in 1941 and she is buried at Loveland Burial Park there.

Professional Career

Chris is a member of American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), as well as being endorsed by Percussive Arts Society Educational Endorser Pro-Mark. Additionally he acts as adjudicator, clinician and performer. Previously he performed with Kokomo Park Band and Muncie Symphony Orchestra Orchestra of Indiana as Principal Percussionist as well as guest solo performances with many bands and ensembles across Indiana and elsewhere.

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Achievement and Honors

Daniel McCloud has received numerous accolades and awards for his work. His dedication to education and inspiring others to achieve success shines through in his active membership of Honors College community and providing students with great examples to follow. Furthermore, Daniel co-founded Realize Theatre Group with a mission of producing meaningful work that engages Chicago audiences about issues relevant to them on an emotional level.

He has earned numerous accomplishments and honors, such as being recognized with the UIC Outstanding Alumni Award. Additionally, he served on the University of Illinois Board of Trustees before graduating from both School of Theatre & Music and Honors College programs – ultimately realizing his full potential and becoming an accomplished and sought-after actor and educator.

Personal Life

Dr. McCloud is an accomplished performer, teacher, and composer renowned for over thirty percussion compositions published by Dutch Music Partners and an Educational Endorser of Pro-Mark (an esteemed percussion company). Outside his professional life he also loves cooking as well as participating in weekend warrior activities with his wife Sandy and three sons.

Tabitha was born in West Virginia on March 8, 1845. She later married Daniel McCloud and they shared two children, Calahill McCloud and one other sibling.

Platt was born in Illinois on March 17, 1837. He married Mary McCloud (nee Ricketson). Together they had 10 children: Anna McCloud and 9 other siblings. On September 5, 1915 at age 78 Platt passed away and was interred there as well.

Net Worth

His net worth has been estimated between $1-5 Million as of 2019. He amassed this fortune through being a professional Cartoonist. At 59 years old and living alone in California, his personal life remains private.

From 1955 to 1975, he played Chester Goode, Marshal Matt Dillon’s faithful assistant on Gunsmoke; it became the longest-running live action drama ever broadcast in United States television history.

McCloud was selected in the first round (7th overall) of the 1989 NBA Draft by Indiana Pacers but struggled to establish himself, playing only four mostly unproductive seasons before being let go and joining Dallas Mavericks midway through 1994-95 season; additionally he made guest appearances on other TV programs.

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