Daniel McElroy

Daniel McElroy – Teacher and Mentor

Daniel McElroy is an educator and mentor specializing in ACT/SAT prep and AP humanities subjects. He earned his summa cum laude from NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study as well as his master’s degree from SOAS London.

He owes millions of dollars in state taxes, both as an individual and through Dan Agency in Brockton.

Early Life and Education

Daniel McElroy is an expert tutor specializing in ACT and SAT prep as well as subjects such as AP European History, English Literature & Linguistics, Human Geography, and more. He graduated with highest distinction from NYU’s Adelphi Honors College – possessing over 2000 hours of mentoring experience!

He is also a member of Whole Armor of God Ministries in Cleveland, Ohio where he serves as Music Director. He is passionate about seeing church goers experience renewal through Jesus Christ and awakening.

He served as a trustee of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, consisting of seven four-year colleges and 25 community and technical colleges, chairing its committees for finance, academic affairs, student affairs as well as institutional effectiveness.

Professional Career

Dan McElroy is an experienced trial lawyer who has practiced across a wide array of high-stakes litigation matters. These have included mass torts, intellectual property infringement and consumer fraud lawsuits as well as contractual disputes and challenges to and defense of federal agency actions.

He also provides legal counsel and advise to companies on governance, risk management and strategic planning issues affecting minority owned businesses. He takes great pride in seeing their growth.

Dan is also one of the co-founders of Long Island United to Transform Policing and Community Safety where he currently (2023) serves as creative director and graphic designer. Recently he designed and formatted The People’s Plan which was presented to both Nassau and Suffolk counties along with many municipal LI police departments pursuant to New York Executive Order 203.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel McElroy served as both music director and prophetic voice for Whole Armor of God Ministries, inciting deep desires for Jesus among followers he served and helping them develop closer ties to him as they gained knowledge about him through worship services he lead.

His courses span Art and the World I and II; Contemporary Art and Social Change; Art History of Greece; Faking It: Intellectual History of Art Forgeries; as well as ArtsAction study abroad courses “Global Perspectives: Cuba in Transition” and “Adelphi in Kosovo: Art as a Tool for Building Peace.”

He and Jody reside south of Sioux Falls in South Dakota with two dachshunds – Porsche and Ember – as well as three grandchildren; Jonathan, Chelsea and Davis.

Personal Life

Dan McElroy and his family are longtime residents of the area. He possesses an unwavering commitment to seeing people thrive spiritually and naturally, his passion being ministry work that embraces faith’s healing power in changing lives for good. Additionally, his heart’s desire is for church revival.

Dan is the devoted husband of Marianne Davis and proud father to John, Margie, Sheila and Mike Hart as well as an attentive grandfather for Jonathan McElroy, Chelsea McElroy and Daniel McElroy. Additionally he is related to Virginia Behymer and Marian Connolly.

Net Worth

McElroy and Aimee King McElroy were found guilty in 2008 for using their travel agency as cover for an employment service scam that defrauded both the IRS and workers’ compensation insurance carriers. According to court records, they have yet to pay back the full $9 Million in restitution that was ordered of them.

He and his wife currently reside at 1580 Summer Way in Idaho Falls, Bonneville County, although public records reveal at least 16 additional addresses across Idaho, Texas, California and beyond.

He has completed seven Grand Traverse races, two with his wife and one with their son. For him, the best part is training hard with family.

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