Daniel McLean

Daniel McLean

Daniel McLean is an exemplary project manager with 14+ years of experience in engineering projects and an impressive track record of success.

Frieze and ArtReview. Additionally, he served as commissioning editor of Dear Images: Art, Copyright and Culture with Ridinghouse publications and The Trials of Art with Ridinghouse publications.

Early Life and Education

Daniel McLean is an art and cultural property lawyer practicing at Howard Kennedy LLP in London, UK. Additionally, he curates exhibitions and has written extensively on the intersection between art and law practice.

He was born December 22nd 1958 in Portland Oregon. After attending Pine Eagle High School until graduation in 1977 he attended Boise State to study respiratory therapy.

He married Lucretia and had numerous children; some died early due to poor health while others married into early families of Alexandria. One son, Wilmer McLean (1814-1882), owned the Appomattox house that served as the site of the Civil War peace treaty, as well as one of Alexandria’s oldest sugar refineries at 111 – 123 North Alfred Street.

Professional Career

McLean had spent over 20 years serving his nation in the military and was having difficulty transitioning into civilian employment. After several unsuccessful job searches, he decided to take a gamble and apply at MSK.

He currently practices art law internationally as an international partner of Cypress LLP law firm and advises artists, estates, advisers, dealers galleries and foundations regarding disputes due diligence acquisition and sales transactions pertaining to art and cultural property law matters.

McLean also advises artists and estates regarding commissioning agreements, as well as complex commercial litigation. His experience encompasses securities, professional liability, complex business and corporate control litigation as well as real estate banking and employment cases. McLean also has extensive international arbitration experience. In fact, he serves on the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Dispute Resolution.

Achievement and Honors

McLean excelled at both teaching and athletics during his time at Peninsula High. He earned a place on their track team and took part in the Sound to Narrows 12-kilometer race, both feats being recognized with awards by Peninsula High.

Daniel’s health may have recently declined, yet that did not prevent him from remaining positive and continuing studying at college – hoping eventually to complete an HNC Social Sciences course and subsequently enter police work.

At the conclusion of his junior year, Lafayette honored him at its Honors Convocation in Colton Chapel with its James F. Bryant Award for Excellence – given annually to an engineering major who has attained the highest cumulative average within their department.

Personal Life

Daniel McLean is an international art lawyer, independent curator, and writer specializing in dispute resolution, art transactions and due diligence for artists, advisors, estates, collectors, dealers galleries and foundations. Additionally, he consults to the London law firm Howard Kennedy LLP as a consultant.

McClean is also a passionate artist, leading projects that explore the intersections between art and law through curatorial practice. These projects include site-specific commissions inviting artists to use legal contracts as creative frameworks; such projects have included works by Carey Young, Santiago Sierra and Goldin + Senneby among others.

Dan enjoys exploring Montana’s breathtaking natural landscapes on bicycle, foot or by taking beach walks with friends, biking along their routes or simply being amused. His infectious smile and laughter is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Net Worth

Daniel McLean reportedly boasts a net worth between $1-$3 Million. His primary source of income comes from TikTok creator. Additionally, Daniel also makes money through various endorsements and sponsorships and counts among one of the top influencers with massive social media followings.

He finds great pleasure in spending his spare time with his family, supporting charitable and community organizations and participating in philanthropic events like charity auctions and fundraisers.

He and his wife currently reside in a 20,000-square-foot Potomac mansion that was once Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s summer getaway, complete with pool, tennis court and ten-car garage. Additionally, he owns multiple properties in Beverly Hills as well as lakefront home in Georgia.

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