Daniel Meyerov

Daniel Meyerov

Daniel Meyerov is an entrepreneur and business executive devoted to creating strategic marketing and IT systems for online businesses. His expertise lies in designing, planning and developing full-scale ECommerce web systems such as Supply-Chain Management, eProcurement and content management solutions – such as PolarisCMS which offers web designers an affordable CMS platform solution.

Professional Career

Meyerov has dedicated his career since 1995 to driving online business for strategic brands. He specializes in planning, building and implementing marketing and IT systems to expand market success for client brands. This encompasses sales, planning, functional specification, project management and account administration of full-scale Ecommerce web systems with Supply Chain Management capabilities; E-Procurement solutions; eProcurement systems and Content Management capabilities. Meyerov also boasts extensive international film distribution experience through Media 8 Entertainment’s handling of foreign rights for films such as Monster starring Charlize Theron, Upside of Anger and Havoc. Additionally, Meyerov co-founded Polaris Blue Holdings LLC which specializes in providing design companies and Web professionals with infrastructure necessary to offer high-end web development services.

Achievement and Honors

Meyerov’s activities extend far beyond his work as a technology executive; he is actively engaged in philanthropy as well. Donations were given to various Jewish causes while he sits on several non-profit boards such as Hebrew Free Loan Association.

Polaris Blue, his full service Web development and incubator company, offers high-end business solutions to both US and international markets. Meyerov collaborated with business partner Mark Friedman to develop the Polaris CMS content management system which has quickly become one of the most widely-used in its category.

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Personal Life

Meyerov has been actively engaged in the formation of multiple companies and projects over his professional life. He founded Polaris Blue – a web development and incubation firm founded in 2007 – along with two other online business companies including US web hosting provider True Filing ( Furthermore, Meyerov serves on multiple arbitration panels worldwide and as Judge Ad Hoc at Inter-American Court of Human Rights as well as sitting as arbitrator on high profile criminal trials involving multimillion dollar investment disputes and commercial cases spanning decades.

Net Worth

Meyerov is an industry expert when it comes to developing web-based business solutions for various market sectors. He brings experience in sales, planning, functional specification, project management and account management for ECommerce web systems such as Supply-Chain Management (SCM), eProcurement (ePro) and Content Management systems (CM). Meyerov specializes in strategic systems that facilitate growth across vertical markets while helping develop successful brand strategies for businesses and utilities globally. Currently he owns two publicly traded companies.

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