Daniel Montoya

Daniel Montoya – Fitness Model and TikTok Star

He is renowned for his eye-catching looks as a Fitness Model, sharing fashionable images on Instagram as well as dance videos to his massive following on TikTok.

Montoya brings extensive fundraising and alumni relations experience in higher education to both public and private institutions, including experience leading various councils such as shared governance and equity councils.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Montoya was born in New Mexico, USA. He lived with his wife and five other people before joining Everclear and becoming a music composer himself. Daniel passed away at Washington at 59.

He served in the US Army as a rifleman, earning the Combat Infantryman Badge, Purple Heart Medal and Korean Service Medal with two service stars – all while founding Heritage Trust.

He was an active churchgoer who enjoyed camping, fishing and motor home travel – always willing to lend a helping hand when others needed help. An exceptional father and husband, he will be greatly missed by all who knew him; now resting peacefully with his Eternal Father he will always be remembered fondly for his kindness and generosity.

Professional Career

Daniel Montoya is a Fitness Model and TikTok Star who posts Fitness and Dance videos to his channel, Modeling photos and Swimwear pictures, as well as being known for his sexy personality and impressive physique.

Montoya is also renowned for his musical compositions and arrangements for wind band, percussion ensemble and the marching arts – many of which have won him awards from national organizations.

He has worked on HIV/AIDS policy at both grassroots and federal levels, such as for the LBJ School of Public Affairs at University of Texas Austin and as part of its Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. Additionally, he has served as an adviser and consultant to several AIDS-related organizations focused on healthcare delivery, housing options, complementary therapies, human and civil rights concerns and human/civil liberties issues.

Achievement and Honors

Montoya is an award-winning composer and arranger for band and percussion, earning several accolades such as state and Bands of America class and regional championships, Atlantic Coast Conference Band Directors Association Conferences, Percussive Arts Society International conferences. His arrangements have also been presented at conferences like Percussive Arts Society International.

Montoya plans to use his position as vice president of development to foster community involvement through philanthropy and donation drives, working alongside an experienced team to establish new fundraising initiatives.

Montoya was honored to receive one of three 2020 Hatfield Prize awards that support student-faculty pairs researching social policy issues. Working alongside Azusa Pacific social work professor Anupama Jacob, Montoya will conduct research regarding chronic family homelessness in California.

Personal Life

TikTok and Instagram followers of fitness coach/model Christopher Thomason. He shares amazing photoshoots on these platforms with his large following of youth. Chris has gained quite an incredible following for himself among them – due to his great personality, great smartness and attractive features.

Daniel Montoyam877’s TikTok account boasts over two and a half million followers and is best known for sharing underwear and swimwear modeling videos as well as travel photos with his fans.

He is survived by his wife Erlinda; daughters Joann Trujillo and Leonard of Albuquerque; belinda Sandoval with Rudy of Bartlesville Oklahoma; Sandra Mirabal and husband Steve from Albuquerque; Christine Montoya who married Christopher Ray from Forest Grove Oregon and Danny Montoya from Phoenix Arizona. In total he left 19 Grandchildren; 3 Nieces; and 4 Nephews behind.

Net Worth

Daniel Montoya boasts a net worth of over $11,000 dollars and makes full-time income through her YouTube channel’s advertising revenue. She remains confident in herself and doesn’t let negativity stop her from following her dreams; additionally, both of her parents recognize it as a viable career option for their daughter.

TikTok star Danielmontoyam877 has amassed over two million followers. Additionally, she posts modeling photos to Instagram as well. For work purposes she has traveled to Mexico, Greece, Rome and Amsterdam as well as working on policy at both state and federal levels while advocating for environmental, health and human rights issues while supporting various charitable organizations.

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