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Off-Kilter With Daniel Nichanian

Daniel Nichanian is the creator and publisher of Bolts, an online magazine that examines local politics in depth. Additionally, he’s an award-winning journalist covering criminal justice, voting rights and local politics for publications like The New York Times, The Atlantic, Philosophy & Rhetoric Democracy and NBC News – joining this podcast to discuss what national media misses when reporting democracy.

Early Life and Education

Kate Shaw, Melissa Harris-Perry and Alicia Bannon wanted to convince their listeners of the necessity for progressive causes to include state courts and constitutions as part of their campaign for progressive causes. For that purpose they invited Daniel Nichanian from Bolts Magazine – an online digital magazine dedicated to democracy at local levels – as an expert guest to explain this idea.

At The Appeal: Political Report, he serves as founding editor. Additionally, he writes extensively on local politics, criminal justice reform, voting rights issues and political theory for The New York Times, Atlantic, Daily Beast, FiveThirtyEight, NBC News and Vox – where he holds his Ph.D in Political Theory from University of Chicago and was postdoctoral fellow there as well.

On this episode of Off-Kilter, Nichanian discussed the origins of Bolts and what national media outlets often miss in their coverage of democracy. Additionally, he shared some down-ballot election stories he’s been following closely.

Professional Career

Daniel Nichanian is an author and political theorist who has written extensively on democracy for publications including the New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, Daily Beast, Vox and FiveThirtyEight. With a Ph.D in political science from University of Chicago and his work appearing in Philosophy & Rhetoric Syndicate Theology as well as other journals he is well respected within this field.

Jacob Gardenswartz recently spoke with him about why he started Bolts, his non-profit digital magazine that examines power dynamics at both state and local levels in America. Additionally, national media often misses reporting about democracy issues.

Sheena Meade has spent her career fighting to change that reality for returning citizens who have served their time in jail or prison.

Personal Life

Daniel Nichanian is a political theorist and former postdoctoral fellow at the University of Chicago. He specializes in democratic theory and contemporary political thought, writing about democracy-related topics for major news organizations such as The New York Times, Vox and NBC News. He’s the creator of Bolts, a non-profit digital magazine covering “the nuts and bolts of power and political change”. Jacob Gardenswartz from The Objective’s Off-Kilter recently interviewed Daniel on his publication and what national media misses when covering democracy at a local level. You can listen below or find it on iTunes; and thank you, Daniel, for all this rich downballot analysis that normally would go unnoticed – we really appreciate all that you’re doing!

Mr. Brown also manages The Appeal: Political Report, which examines local politics surrounding criminal justice and mass incarceration.

Net Worth

On election nights, Daniel Nichanian is one of the go-to people on Twitter – as the founder of the Appeal’s Political Report, he’s been covering all of those races that don’t get much coverage. Rebecca invited Daniel onto Off-Kilter to discuss his work and what’s at stake this year in state and local elections – listen on iTunes or subscribe via Stitcher for Spotify availability; also available via iTunes/Stitcher/Spotify! Enjoy! Off-Kilter is produced by WNYC/The Appeal in collaboration with WNYC/WCSC to meet station requirements for WNYC stations/stations in terms of production cost/production quality/etc

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