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Hedge Fund Founder and Photographer Daniel Nir Sold a Penthouse in Surfside For $12 Million

Daniel Nir and Jill Braufman, co-founders of hedge fund Daniel Nir Asset Management LLC and owners of other expensive homes across Florida and the Hamptons respectively, recently closed on an exquisite newly renovated penthouse at Four Seasons Private Residences Surfside for $12 Million. As real estate gossip column regulars with other expensive homes in both places respectively, this couple made property news headlines frequently with other investments they had acquired therein.

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Early Life and Education

Daniel Nir, born to an affluent Polish Jewish family in 1930, managed to stay alive during World War II using forgeries of documents. An intellectual powerhouse, Nir was capable of speaking seven different languages.

He was an enthusiastic patron of the arts, contributing to Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive with donations. Additionally, he served as patient advocate and life care managing consultant to seniors and individuals with special needs.

He served on the founding board of JOIN Israel. Additionally, Jill Braufman and her husband Steven Braufman are dedicated philanthropists with a particular interest in Israel and the arts; both reside in Miami.

Professional Career

Daniel gained extensive expertise in Public International Law and Defense & Homeland Security during his 19-year career with Israel Defence Force, serving as senior advisor on an array of matters. Furthermore, he participated in negotiations between Jordanians and Palestinians as a legal advisor, negotiator, and drafter.

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Daniel Nir and Jill Braufman are active philanthropists with an interest in Israel and the arts, recently purchasing a penthouse in Surfside, Florida for $12 Million.

Achievement and Honors

Nir’s work has garnered widespread acclaim and been showcased at solo exhibitions at Daniel Cooney Fine Art. His photography interests span portraiture and dance photography; admiring beauty that exudes tension and physical intelligence is central to Nir’s passion for photography; driven by an aim of capturing human life experience as artfully as possible.

Nir was honored by ASO for his contributions to integrated photonics for use in telecom, chemical detection and biological detection applications as well as his impressive leadership to ASO and optics industry, such as serving as treasurer and overseeing ORA/Synopsys, an optical design tools provider.

Personal Life

Daniel Nir resides with his wife and two children on Long Island’s North Shore, serving as patient advocate and life care management consultant to seniors and those with special needs.

Nir and his wife, Jill Braufman (philanthropist), recently completed the purchase of a $12 million penthouse at Four Seasons Private Residences in Surfside after selling their Upper East Side co-op for $52 million, according to property records.

Rivlin described Daniel’s death during his funeral as “a tragedy for all Israel,” noting how his bright, intelligent four-year old, who died wearing his Lionel Messi shirt, symbolized all Israeli children who died before reaching their potential. Rivlin mentioned having visited Nahal Oz before its move back from Gaza Strip in 1956 with assurances from defense minister Moshe Ya’alon that it would remain safe.

Net Worth

Nir has conducted at least 163 transactions since 2012 in Palo Alto Networks Inc stock, selling at least 36,000 units valued at $947 Million on August 1st 2023.

Hedge fund titan Daniel Nir and philanthropist Jill Braufman caused quite the sensation when they listed their Upper East Side co-op apartment for $48 million last year; eventually it sold in May for $52 million, making it both the second-biggest condo sale of 2016 and seventh biggest co-op sale ever on Fifth Avenue.

New York-based couple Daniel and Jill Braufman, with homes both in Florida and the Hamptons, are active philanthropists with an emphasis on Israel and arts philanthropy. Additionally, they founded both JOIN Israel and Daniel and Jill Braufman Family Foundation, giving out 94 grants last year alone.

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