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Nigerian Art Director, Stylist and Photographer Daniel Obasi

Nigerian art director, stylist and photographer Daniel Obasi leverages fashion imagery as a form of social activism. His seductive works, inspired by Afrofuturism and classic cinema, question societal ideals regarding sexuality and masculinity.

He has styled campaigns and look books for brands including Orange culture, Maxivive, Iamisigo Rayo Vlisco. Additionally, he has collaborated on music videos with Major Lazer and Burna Boy.

Early Life and Education

Nigerian photographer, stylist, and director, Akintunde Fofonoffa’s work explores narratives through fashion imagery to create imaginative, youth-driven African stories. Influenced by old cinema and Afro futurism, his seductive works explore masculinity, femininity, beauty, cultural symbolism and gender roles.

Obasi’s short film ‘Bicep’ was produced for Show Studio’s 2022 Bodies of Knowledge project and shows men posing and moving around various locations. Obasi’s scenes shed an intimate light on behavior often associated with masculinity while simultaneously challenging stereotypes associated with toughness and physical prowess.

Ojuju was his directorial debut film that garnered widespread critical acclaim. Udara is his most recent offering; an emotional drama which explores hopes, dreams, loss and sacrifice featuring Marvelous Mamuro, Blessing Dike and Joshua Adelubi and which pays respect to tradition and culture while questioning aspects that don’t make sense.

Professional Career

Daniel Obasi is an innovative artist specializing in multiple media. As a stylist, photographer, and director he explores themes related to sexuality, masculinity and beauty while challenging social norms.

His latest project features models posing on railway tracks as a metaphor for our bodies moving through life.

His whimsical photos and films draw influence from classic cinema and traditional African cultures, creating captivating photographs and films which often seem delicate yet whimsical. Udara captures that spirit through four acts: EKE, ORIE, AFOR and NKWO; its fantastical elements paying homage to Igbo culture while depicting religion versus tradition conflicts in Abidjan’s Something Blockhaus gallery space. It can currently be seen here.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Obasi is a Nigerian art director, stylist and photographer who uses fashion imagery as a powerful means for world-building and experimentation. Drawing inspiration from Afrofuturism and classic cinema, his seductive works question perceptions of masculinity and identity within society.

Obasi has produced daring short films and music videos for artists like Beyonce, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy, Amaarae as well as numerous fashion editorials. Additionally, he has organized presentations and shot fashion campaigns for major brands like Oxosi, Rayo, Orange Culture and Vlisco.

His most recent project is a short film called “Alien in Town,” which addresses how outsiders view Lagos and its people. This sentiment resounds throughout this piece and has been featured by Oxosi, Nataal, Marie Claire Hunger magazine Kaltblut Indie magazine UK CNN Africa Vsco and Okay Africa among others.

Personal Life

Daniel Obasi is a Nigerian stylist, photographer, and director who uses fashion imagery as an effective means of social activism and world building. His seductive pieces – inspired by Afrofuturism and classic cinema – play with notions of gender, sexuality, and identity in provocative yet seductive ways.

Obasi has garnered wide praise for his ability to seamlessly combine fantasy with real-life issues, like in his Corridors of Power series that explores how various power structures – like politics and the church – shape our perceptions about marriage, relationships, and sexuality.

Udara, his latest short film, celebrates Igbo culture while exploring the challenges associated with maintaining traditions. Shot in Lagos with Marvelous Mamuro, Blessing Dike and Joshua Adelubi in lead roles; Udara challenges gender norms about masculinity and femininity and is currently showing at Homecoming Gallery.

Net Worth

Daniel Obasi is an award-winning Nigerian stylist, photographer and Art Director who is responsible for numerous editorials, beautiful photographs of friends, music videos and art installations. Additionally, he worked on Beyonce’s 2020 film Black Is King as well as styling Burna Boy’s Rolling Stone cover.

Udara draws upon old cinema and Afrofuturism for inspiration to examine gender identity within a fantasy setting. His aesthetic is at once playful yet powerfully striking with bold silhouettes and vibrant colours.

Obasi is deeply committed to expanding African narratives visually, drawing inspiration from fantasy since childhood. He strongly endorses Instagram as a means of connecting like-minded individuals from diverse fields; furthermore he embraces creativity in motion as seen through his fashion photography work.

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