Daniel Ohebshalom

A Report on Daniel Ohebshalom and His Family

Daniel Ohebshalom, 34 years old and living in New York, NY.

Residents living in two Hell’s Kitchen buildings owned by Ohebshalom and his companies allege harassment, poor maintenance, rodent infestation, and lack of hot water as being among their complaints against Ohebshalom’s company. Residents are taking legal action in an effort to hold him accountable.

They filed suit under what is known as a 7A proceeding.

Early Life and Education

Ohebshalom’s tenants allege he and his family act like mean-spirited slumlords, according to Fred Magovern of TakeRoot Justice. As part of a rare legal proceeding called 7A proceeding, TakeRoot Justice hopes to hold them accountable by compelling a court-appointed building administrator to collect rent, provide services and make repairs on time.

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Professional Career

Utilizing data gleaned from public records, this report was developed to examine Daniel Ohebshalom’s professional life as well as their personal life – their family, relationships, and interests.

Over the past year, Hell’s Kitchen tenants have lodged numerous protests at apartments owned by Fred Ohebshalom and his sons Jon and Ben through Highpoint Associates, alleging rats, mold, and burst pipes at buildings enrolled in New York’s Accelerated Repair Program.

As tenants have repeatedly sought action from the property owner to rectify the situation, nothing has been taken to do so. Now they are taking drastic measures by filing what’s known as a 7A proceeding lawsuit in an attempt to make their landlord responsible.

Personal Life

Tenants contend Ohebshalom and other family members act like dishonest landlords, with multiple complaints of harassment, mismanagement and neglect in New York City from tenants against him and companies affiliated with him – leading the Public Advocate’s worst landlord list for 2015.

Tenants living in Ohebshalom’s buildings came together for a protest organized by Housing Conservation Coordinators and other local groups, demanding accountability from Ohebshalom’s landlord, calling on him to stop leasing apartment units out for short-term rentals and end his practices of subleasing units for short periods of time.

Residents at one of his Hell’s Kitchen properties reported to Patch that they live in an unspeakably unsanitary environment with broken toilets, a dead squirrel, and mushrooms growing out of bathroom walls. Two ceilings had also collapsed in their building with neither their landlord or manager responding to any requests for repairs.

Net Worth

Ohebshalom and his family are widely recognized New York slumlords, owning 19 properties registered under various limited liability corporations. Tenants at their properties say Ohebshalom and his sons, Jon and Ben, act like mean-spirited landlords by dismantling building services systematically and forcing out legal tenants through harassment and neglect.

He was the subject of a protest by residents at 1585 Third Avenue who demanded action be taken against him for multiple code violations, such as dead rats, leaky roofs, broken pipes and lack of heat. Tenants and housing advocates are now undertaking what’s known as a 7A proceeding to hold him responsible for conditions in his buildings.

His buildings enrolled in the AEP program are saddled with over 2,980 open Department of Housing Preservation and Development violations – more than any individual building owner in New York City.

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