Daniel Perry

A Profile of Daniel Perry

Army sergeant Daniel Perry was driving an Uber vehicle in Austin when an aggressive mob of Black Lives Matter protesters suddenly appeared and surrounded his vehicle, brandishing rifles against him and forcing him to fire upon them in self-defense.

Before Perry was scheduled for sentencing, new court documents were unsealed that revealed several racist memes he posted online, which the prosecution used as evidence against him and portray as being racist.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Peery grew up on his family’s diversified farm in northwest Missouri. While working there he learned real estate analysis from his father and eventually embarked upon a career. Later he expanded to invest in Silicon Valley property.

He has demonstrated an enthusiastic dedication to performing arts education and outreach. He studied movement-based acting at Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre as well as improv and sketch comedy at both UCB Theater in Chicago and Denver’s Impulse Theater.

At his trial, prosecutors called attention to social media posts which could be seen as racist. They asserted that it was wrong for an officer to share offensive memes and social commentary; such actions could potentially create division within his unit and the judge agreed with this argument.

Professional Career

Daniel Perry is an experienced litigator representing clients in complex commercial matters such as securities and corporate law disputes, mergers and acquisitions, insurance/reinsurance contracts and financial restructuring. In addition to court litigation proceedings, he regularly manages disputes out-of-court through alternative dispute resolution approaches such as arbitration before domestic and international tribunals.

At trial, defense counsel Hupp testified that soldiers in his military unit do not discriminate by race and view each other as fellow combatants regardless of race. He pointed to social media posts produced as evidence by prosecutors as racist memes or comments that may appear offensive; but insisted they weren’t meant as such by soldiers themselves. A groan emanated from courtroom audience. Although Daniel testified justifying the shooting incident by telling police why he shot, they refused to accept that testimony and charged Daniel instead with murder!

Achievement and Honors

Dan was an example of sportsmanship by always showing respect to his opponent on the mat, no matter who won or lost. A four-time AAU World freestyle and Greco-Roman place winner, he served as high school wrestling coach from 1977-2020 as well as assistant at Jersey Shore from 1988 to 2000.

New Life Church anticipates thousands of attendees for Monday’s service honoring Dep. Peery. Many law enforcement officers and their families attend New Life, providing them with an opportunity to fully commemorate Dep. Peery’s legacy.

Peery was recognized with two Bronze Stars with Valor Device and one Purple Heart in recognition of his deployments from January-May 2017 and December-June 2018, as part of the 28th EOD Company, which deploys more frequently due to supporting SOCOM.

Personal Life

Daniel William Peery was an early Oklahoma politician. He served in the Territorial Legislature and advocated to relocate Oklahoma’s state capital from Guthrie to Oklahoma City. Additionally, he founded El Reno Globe newspaper.

2020 was working as an Uber driver to earn extra money during his off hours when he was attacked by an angry group of Black Lives Matter protesters, many carrying rocks, bricks and sticks; one even possessed an AK-47 rifle.

Daniel thought the protester was law enforcement and rolled down his window, thinking they were police officers. A masked attacker then pointed his weapon directly at Daniel; when this occurred he shot in self-defense. Daniel claimed it constituted justifiable homicide; however the district attorney with a radical agenda decided instead to charge him with murder!

Net Worth

Richard Peery made his fortune through investing in and developing orange groves into office parks in Silicon Valley with the assistance of John Arrillaga as their partner, eventually selling most of their properties for an astounding total of $1.1 billion.

Perry owns an impressive real-estate portfolio as well as an impressive production studio he rents out to other filmmakers, which features neighborhoods, mansions and even a replica of the White House.

As one of the pioneers in Black entertainment, BET Distribution owns his distribution through BET itself and has been reported as being one of the primary contributors. Furthermore, he has made major donations to numerous charities, particularly education and children’s groups.

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