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Mengly Jandy Quach Salary and Net Worth

Daniel Quach possesses a broad array of experiences across several areas. He has worked on systems compliant with FISMA and HIPAA regulations as well as those compliant with 800171 regulations, while simultaneously employing optimization techniques and accelerated algorithms using GPUs with CUDA support.

Quach was recently appointed Chief Information Officer for the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. His return to state government feels like coming home for him.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Quach hails from San Francisco, California. Currently attending Seventh College as a computer science major and studying film photography on his spare time he enjoys two roles in life; Madeline and Samantha as his sisters; Lowell High School women’s volleyball team member as well as film photography hobbyist.

He has spoken at numerous conferences and events about technology and entrepreneurship. As co-founder of Howcookingworks and several other products such as food labeling service and enterprise calorie and food discovery app. Furthermore, his background includes extensive chemistry studies as well as experience as graduate teaching assistant.

Professional Career

Daniel Quach has held several executive roles within local and state government. Specifically, he served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) of San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing; additionally, he provided enterprise architecture support to California Department of Industrial Relations.

He is proficient in optimizing techniques and accelerating algorithms on GPUs with CUDA capability, working on FISMA, HIPAA and 800-171 compliant systems.

He brings over 16 years of management experience and is adept at leading teams that deliver tailored solutions and services, as well as change management and turn-around management. Additionally, his engineering knowledge in switchgear, automation, commissioning and integration of electrical equipment with rotating machines enables him to offer customer-driven product solutions. Furthermore, he is an IEEE member.

Personal Life

Daniel Quach currently resides with his wife and two children in Westminster, California. He co-founded howcookingworks – an educational website dedicated to cooking. Additionally, he is working on various product lines including an enterprise calorie and food labeling service; performing several cooking demonstrations to promote healthier diets.

As an executive in both state and local government, most recently he served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing; prior to that he also provided these services for both city of San Francisco and state Department of Industrial Relations.

Net Worth

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At the final table, Quach moved all-in for his remaining 1.8M chips and was called by JC Tran. While the flop and turn kept Quach in control of proceedings, later turns and rivers put an end to his dominance and sent him home in fifth place earning $571,315 as his prize for his efforts.

He currently resides in Westminster, CA with his wife and children. An avid sports fan, he follows several teams. Additionally, his musical interests lie deep; he enjoys playing guitar and piano as well as traveling. A fan of both New York Yankees and San Francisco Giants.

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