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Dan Rhoton – Executive Director of Hopeworks

Dan Rhoton is the Executive Director of Hopeworks, an organization that empowers youth to escape poverty and secure employment. With more than two decades of experience working with youth both as an educator and administrator, he joins Bill and Wendy to discuss his journey, why education alone may not suffice and the success of Hopeworks.

Early Life and Education

Rhoton established an international reputation for his masterful microneurosurgery work. His ability to reach trouble spots in the brain without damaging delicate tissue enabled him to perform more procedures and win more awards than any other neurosurgeon of his time, according to UF.

He nearly didn’t become a doctor: during his bachelor’s degree studies, he took an undergraduate physiological psychology class that left him fascinated with brain science; when applying to medical school an official suggested social work instead.

Rhoton excelled, earning his doctorate at Washington University before going on to complete residency training at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. According to his son, Rhoton wanted to spread safe, precise surgical techniques globally.

Professional Career

Dan Rhoton has dedicated two decades to working with youth, in various roles such as teaching and school administration. Since 2012 he has served as Hopeworks’ executive director. Here he discusses their innovative methods of creating lasting change within Camden communities.

Rhoton became internationally renowned as a surgeon. He trained thousands of neurosurgeons in microneurosurgery using his instruments. These techniques allowed other physicians to reach trouble spots without damaging delicate tissues in the brain; additionally, Rhoton invented numerous surgical devices himself.

As a scientist and physician, Dr. Harvey Cushing received numerous scientific papers as well as the Harvey Cushing Medal – his profession’s highest award. When he died at home in Gainesville Florida at 83, Joyce and Eric, both alumni of University of Florida School of Medicine respectively were there with him to offer support.

Achievement and Honors

Rhoton made his mark as a master neurosurgeon by training thousands of neurosurgeons in microneurosurgery and creating hundreds of surgical instruments. His meticulous dissection of brain’s network of blood vessels and arteries enabled others to reach trouble spots without damaging delicate tissue; according to his son, Rhoton was also an exceptionally compassionate physician.

Dan is one of the most generous, humble, and forward thinking leaders one could meet. Under his guidance Hopeworks has achieved its best ever business development and youth outcomes under his leadership; under him many at risk young adults in Camden have seen their lives transformed with professional web design/development skills taught through Hopeworks which have enabled them to secure employment and realize their fullest potential. Dan was awarded South Jersey Nonprofit of the Year.

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