Daniel Rourke

Daniel Rourke

Daniel Rourke brings two decades of investment management expertise to his work with clients, helping them incorporate ESG factors into their portfolios and offering relationship and risk management assistance.

At both national and high street practices, he specialized in private client work. A Manchester City fan, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Rourke was raised in northwest Florida. For his undergraduate education he attended both Universities of Florida and West Florida before earning his law degree at St Louis University School of Law and being admitted to the Florida Bar in 1995.

Dani prefers Unity as his game engine of choice and enjoys creating multiplayer-oriented titles with this framework. He has made Karlson and Muck for Steam and regularly uploads devlog videos onto his YouTube channel.

Rourke had the advantage of inheriting an already well-run youth program in Chatham; similarly in Rochester where Brett Tackett and a group of dedicated parents helped establish the program to avoid some of the growing pains common to small-town football programs.

Professional Career

Daniel has 19 years of experience as a Premier Banker, registered representative, and Investment Adviser Representative in the financial services industry. He helps clients take an holistic and strategic approach to wealth management while building trust through high-touch attention and in-depth conversations.

He made his film acting debut in Steven Spielberg’s 1941, but found greater recognition for his depiction of Ritchie in Fade to Black (80) where Dennis Christopher is bullied at work by Ritchie (whom he later went on to portray). Additionally, in 1980 he appeared as compulsive gambler Boogie in Barry Levinson’s Diner which received widespread critical acclaim.

He later played the villain Whiplash in Iron Man 2 and King Hyperion in Immortals, writing several scripts such as Homeboy, Bullet, Killer Moon and Penance as well as being an accomplished professional boxer.

Achievement and Honors

Rourke led Glenwood High School’s Titans to an overall record of 159-88 and advanced to 18 playoff appearances, including 1998 when they beat Kankakee Bishop McNamara 28-21 to claim state supremacy. Additionally, Rourke served as referee at high school tournament levels of baseball, basketball and football as well as college baseball games and N.A.I.A regionals/districts for over 23 years – winning all of these tournaments by refereeing these events himself!

This summer, he’s cycling his bicycle from Santa Monica to Chicago along Route 66 in order to raise awareness and funds for the National Federation of the Blind. Discover his journey by following him here or on Facebook; his pedals should start turning in July! We wish him the best of luck and wish him continued success!

Personal Life

Daniel Rourke is both an author and artist whose research explores speculative fiction as a form of subversive critique against human(ities). He teaches Digital Design at London Southbank University and Digital Media Arts at Brighton University, among many other disciplines.

Mark is best-known for his roles as Marv from Robert Rodriguez’s film adaptation of Sin City and as US Navy SEAL Dick Marcinko from Rogue Warrior video game. Additionally, Mark is also an accomplished musician with multiple albums under his belt.

Dan O’Rourke passed away peacefully on March 24, 2023 and will be missed by his wife Marie and five of their six children: Erin, Caitlin, Jill Grace and Lulu Chisholm O’Rourke. A passionate community activist and fundraiser, he founded Chautauqua County Rural Ministry and served long as a volunteer at Dunkirk-Fredonia Center for Peace and Justice.

Net Worth

Mickey Rourke’s estimated net worth is estimated to be roughly $20 Million. While most of his wealth comes from acting, other ventures like professional boxing also contribute.

Rourke earned both critical and public praise for his role as an old, washed-up former wrestler in Darren Aronofsky’s 2008 film The Wrestler, earning both critical acclaim as well as audience appreciation for this “meant for him” performance. Rourke thanked Aronofsky for helping him deliver such an emotive performance.

Rourke has enjoyed considerable success as an actor; however, his business dealings have caused some complications. He has become involved in various controversies and feuds involving directors and producers.

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